Aps march meeting 2014

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  • A better understanding of networks of networks is essential not only as a source of valuable and interesting scientific issues to be addressed but also for their consequences on improving life quality and security in an increasingly inter-connected and inter-dependent world.
  • As an example, multi-level dependencies may amplify cascade failures or even change the nature of a systemic collapse from a continuous transition to an abrupt first order transition.
  • Attendees honor Prize & Award recipients and unwind at the Welcome Reception.
  • In our focus session, we propose to attract physicists working toward a substantial paradigm shift for the development of a theoretical framework for multi-level inter-connected complex networks.
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  1. In this respect, the Networks of Networks approach is particularly suitable for the many challenges that we face today, from critical infrastructures and communication systems, to techno-social and socio-economic networks.
  2. Indeed, such effect has been recently observed in large-scale blackouts driven by the coupling of the power-grid coupled to the control communication system.
    • However, further progress is hampered by the lack of deeper knowledge about how multiple complex networks interact: in fact, preliminary findings indicate that multi-level systems cannot be treated as single-level ones.
    • The Science of Complex Networks, born by applying a physicist point-of-view to the old and celebrated graph theory, is regarded as a success story among the emerging fields of science.
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