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Context: I'm a foreigner (US) and met a Vietnamese girl at a restaurant she works at. We've been on a few dates and have more planned. Vietnamese girls have a grace of beauty that goes with them. Little wonder men are in an unending marathon to date them. I asked them to share their thoughts about Vietnamese women, culture.

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Not sure id want to teach ESL for low pay after spending the time and money to get my teaching license. Oh well, I'll keep looking and improving my language skills. Once upon a time if a man wanted to date a girl he had to ask permission from her family. One couldnt pay me enough to teach preschool or elementary aged kids. Open-mind is the new term with our culture.

  1. Agree with Bazz that DC's lady should be encouraged to read his post and also think that opening his heart and mind to others (strangers) can only be beneficial.
  2. And how to understand each others?
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    Vietnamese culture is family-oriented: Festivals, holidays and even dating are seen as events in which the entire family can and should participate. Welcome to the Vietnam subreddit! What about female expats? With your naive, "white knight" attitude, you can knock off another 10%.

    Perhaps I've already answered my own question. She replied, “Strict, very strict. She sounds a little immature and needy herself (since she asked you to consign on a loan).

    I recently asked if she was ok and she got upset. I suggest you spend a least a year here getting to know the people and culture. I tried to explain the difference between America and American Pie. I was just myself, and things seemed to work out very well for me. I wouldn't date Vietnamese women were I not already partnered, I'd rather be single than deal with the family stuff. I'm curious to ask a few questions about this to demonstrate how information is gathered, rather than assumed.

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    They describe it as a welcome change. They get attracted by the EL lifestyle, EL teachers tend to spend a lot of money in food money and drinks. They give them out like candy without hesitation. They will prepare a separate room for you or stay at a local motel. This is only applicable for the guys and girls living in Vietnam. This means she is invested in you and is having some insecurity, which will at times bloom into panic. This post will go down in history on Expat.

    The dating period can be as long as you want just know that at the end of the "date" youre expected to come bearing areca nuts and betel leaves. The finer details we take for granted are trivia to them. The odds of a foreign relationship working out here are less than 50%.

    • A Vietnamese wife is much harder to bed than their Filipina counterparts.
    • A building is not built in a day, week or month, it takes time.
    • A lot of time/effort is invested to lay the groundwork for the future, and when one partner appears to be not pulling their weight or perceived to be complaining about the plain realities of life, it shows weakness and threatens the integrity of the relationship.
    Bluntness in terms of your concern for others.

    But on the ground in Saigon, this could not have seemed less true. But possibility one, OK, but to build on that possibility and draw another possibility it's one possibility too many, both with the same intent, to denegrade Dash's relationship. But sometimes you try something different just to see if it helps and this has helped already. But the rest is just too person-specific to make generalization about it.

    The reasons are fall too numerous and too complicated to go into here. The regard to the elderly. There are different area in Vietnam and different culture too. They are / were quite dedicated to their insufferable Korean husbands. They are some of the most shallow, vain, materialistic, women i've ever encountered. They can smell desperation and vulnerability in their prey.

    If anything, the rule of 'guy pays for everything' still applies(or they think it does). If so, please click on the "Send verification email" button to send a verification email to and to remove our emails from your spam folder. If so, please click on the "Send verification email" button to send a verification email to and to remove our emails from your spam folder. If someone gets in a serious relationship and then would want to petition that person to immigrate to the US.

    1. A relationship of girlfriend and boyfriend not so common that before they marry they have sex together.
    2. A woman can never love anybody more than her kids.
    3. She's been here 3 years. Some off topic and inappropriate posts have been removed from this thread. Stop complaining and start being the person you wish others to be.

      • " The sound "oi" is afterwards because it is awkward to just yell "Em" or someone's name when you call them, so "oi" is just for getting someone's attention.
      • (That's not a bad thing) Most of the local ladies follow the practices described in 3, 5, and 9.

      Just dont like the Hype of Being white! Lol, "em" is just "you" for someone younger than the speaker. Lonely old men are easy prey. Make sure she is the type of woman you really want to be with and spend time. Marriage is a coin flip no matter how you do things. Men and women may greet each other by bowing; hand-holding is not seen as an exclusively romantic gesture, and occurs as often in platonic relationships and friendships between people of the same sex as it does between couples.

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      1. And most of the replies are sucking up to it.
      2. And your advice was helpful to me.
      3. But because she makes a principle to stick to her pride she refuses to contact me first. But of course, they have sex with other women.

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        If the family is in chaos, so does the rest of society. If the parents consent to a relationship, the new couple goes on a low-key, public date like having coffee or driving around town, possibly accompanied by friends. If you like to take a shy, brown-eyed girl with long black hair as your wife, here are some great information you need to know. If you prefer a sexual relationship date women who are divorced/separated, single women with kid/s, older women and rich women.

        Traditionalism is cool too but may include practices like domestic violence or other values that—with a healthy dose of some values we hold as truth with a capital T— we can firmly reject. Traditionally, few romances occurred between older couples because women were expected to marry before the age of 20, though men were allowed to be a few years older.

        Fine, you can do that for a year, find out if filipinas are a good fit for you. For me, seiously dating using these tips is just the first step to have a realationship, the most importance is to solve, to merge, to match differences in culture, in thinking. Frustrations what was the point of the post?

        Be an English tutor, no, be a free tutor (sacrifice remember?Before that I've been acting too needy, too available, and very generous in bed so I've been asking for this I suppose.

        Mine wanted to be with a foreigner because she had been burned by so many locals. My advice, if you are starting a family marriage is the right thing to do. Nguyen and Trang said kids have sex before marriage, usually starting around age 16. No need 'always', but they will very happy with gifts, even if it's very cheap. Normally, if her family is rich, her parents never give money to a good young girl to go to bar! Not an old grandpa father.

        Any input or advice is appreciated.Anyway, I need to figure out how to reverse the tide.As it is said above, family value is deep inside every Vietnamese, of course including the beautiful Vietnamese girls.

        It took Saigon to illuminate my hypocrisy and to remind me that in an era when the virus of American culture devours and replaces almost everything it touches, we have to remember that “culture” falls all over the good-bad spectrum and so does Westernization. It's just speaking their mind. It's most likely just cute and endearing for her to hear you say it. Its always the Western Expats dating a local but does someone has experience the other way around?

        As you have already noticed, Asian women are closer to the survival ethic, or to put it bluntly, Westerners come wrapped in cotton wool in comparison.
        • Traditionally, both planning and paying for a date is viewed as the man’s responsibility, and he expresses interest by not only paying for the meal but for any activities that follow.
        • Unless they come up with some new medicine to delay aging.
        • Vietnamese girls are incredibly nice, but they also tend to be incredibly shallow.

        Yes, almost of them are serious in dating. Yes, they will have friends as well. You go to the Middle East, as you planned. You may scare a girl if you hold her hand, kiss, or want to spend a night with her at the first meet. You respect her personality, but sometimes its not enough with her! You've invented some strong feelings toward me based on one simple post and thus relegated your ability to help me to a level of complete uselessness.

        I hear marriages founded on security are quite common in Vietnam. I invite everyone to respect each other. I keep my wallet in my front pocket. I love Vietnamese women but it's difficult to meet them because they are afraid I don't speak a lot of Vietnamese.

        He's interesting enough to have closer realationship? Hell of a lot better than trying to read a girls mind in my opinion. How did things turn out? I am a Christian,a normal girl and a girl not huge but big enough for my heart contains your great love. I could use some advice on how to avoid these arguments/fights and learn what I need to know to understand her culture.

        Your vietnamese is very good, i think.

        Cities, counties, and zip codes on our site:. Company -- and she didn't want to hear it. Confucius ever said that "Family is a functional unit of society. Does not hold up for the guys. Don't all women harangue men to talk about their feelings more? Don't say as it's a conclusion about us. Family means a lot to Vietnamese women.

        Girls' talking with you does not necessarily mean that they like you but at least it means they have trusted you. Granted, since you do not live in VN, finding a good girl is not going to be easy. Hate dating women who are completely self-absorbed?

        I did not hesitate and said NO. I have also found myself continuously disappointed finding that globally, dating cultures differ from ours less and less. I have no intention of leaving her or Saigon (and no interest in moving to Thailand, no offense. I have seen it many many times. I have to say other than a few of the statements you are right on. I havent many chances to talk to westerners, but I think men are the same in everywhere, just few differences, and some are good, some are bad.

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        I'm in Ha Noi now after dating a VN girl for a while. I've been nothing but nice, easy going, and playful with her. I've known several guys that have agreed to marry via online dating sites. Id wager, getting a Vietnamese woman on the whim and treating her good would be a safer investment.

        If youre dating/marrying a catholic/christian woman there are a whole new set of rules. Im also heading out on Sun 23 past midnight or monday morning in Feb. In VN they can/do put the name " International " school in front of any school, would you consider a chain of schools throughout VN, as being an international school, if it was based in Thailand? In a poor or developing countries, you sometimes face that such stupid things.

        In the South, not so strict than in the North. In the other hand, you rarely have change to meet good girls because they don't have time spend with you as the jobless or hunting girls. Is it naive to ask for others' points of view based on their experiences?

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