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Find Delta contact information and the Delta phone numbers for each department. Reach Customer Service, SkyMiles®, Cargo or Corporate Information Depts. At Delta, we strive to be accessible to all of our customers — in all of the places we fly. Chat with our online agents real-time. Find Delta contact information and the Delta phone numbers for each department.

To ensure that you are placed in the queue for a complimentary Delta Comfort+™ or First Class upgrade, please check the box(es) in the Request Upgrade section below. Update directly through Delta. We called Delta cargo numerous times through out the ordeal. We didn't even fly from Michigan. We had to get an ESA letter from a therapist and mine wasn't interested in writing a letter for us since she wasn't really sure what an ESA was.

When we said yes, he made a grunting sound and he was openly not happy about it. Which I thought was surprising, and for reference our dog is a 15lb fluffy mini shiba inu mix 9" tall at the shoulder. While the article states that less than 1/2 of 1% of transported animals are injured or harmed, over half of the ones that are, are on Delta flights (nearly four times more often than the second highest airline).

Once you make an, it is recommended for you to go through the official website once for a comprehensive and detailed understanding of their baggage allowance. Or call for more information. Or, search near a city, place, or address instead. Other restrictions may apply and vary by resort, cruise and airline carrier. Our dogs arrived safe and happy.

The next day's flight had a four hour layover in Atlanta, which could not be changed. The option to purchase Delta Comfort+™ may not be available on all flights. The plane even had to disembark for some repairs, but they made sure the dogs were safe and kept my daughter informed about his status.

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I have never had problems and my dog always traveled very well. I have traveled from Canada to the US and back several times. I have used the same pieces, and never varied in the number that I would tote with me so as to make my trip comfortable, and my pet's travel safe for all. I know it's close quarters in an airplane and you encounter all kinds of weird people. I know when calling from Japan, I reach an airline agent almost instantly when I enter my ANA Mileage Club number.

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I'm really going to have to reconsider shipping pets this way in the future, and am very disappointed with this experience. I've only had to call them once, though, and it was for a rescheduling. If not, read on for more instructions.

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  • After talking to this women for an hour after which she accused me of causing this.
  • Also, Delta treats me fine.

Just because they YELL at us, it does not make them right. LAX held up the shipment to Salt Lake. My cats arrived safely, and though the flight was very scary to them, I feel that Delta really took care of them. My dog means the world to me but i must ship here home due to me being in the Military do y'all have any suggestions? My garment bag + duffel bag combination has worked well for trips as long as 6 days. My husband travels every week for work and he decided not to travel delta either.

Shame on Delta for taking nearly a MONTH to refund my money also. Share your thoughts - we're here to help in any way we can. She refused to rebook me on another flight and told me that it was "too bad. She then stated that clearly all those other ticket agents that had allowed me to bring my pet onboard were not aware of the in-cabin pet policy and were shirking their job duties by allowing me to fly. She was assured that the dog would be treated well - just like a family member.

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That is theft and you hold the owners hostage. That said, not everyone has elite status and during peak times, even elites may be faced with a lengthy queue, so these tips can really come in handy. The dog was with me in her carrier.

But they got him.But, they were rude about it and humiliated me when they did it.

My only criticism to delta is that the fee is too high- 200 bucks. Nobody inspected the carrier, nobody even told me to put him under the seat on the plane. Nothing on the web site said anything about a weight limit and customer service assured me that there was no weight limit when shipping my dog as checked baggage! Now our family is together and needless to say he doesnt leave our side.

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Recently in Wausau Wisconsin while boarding a Delta Flight back to Denver I am told that I cannot travel with my purse and the roll on bag since I have a pet. Same with Columbus they got him all the way to the door and some guys helped me get the kennel in the truck. Savings reflect land prices only and vary by resort and travel dates. Say “existing reservation,” then key in your SkyMiles number. Select option two for reservations, and that’s it!

We were informed 7 hours later that the flight had not left the ground due to mechanical issues. We'll quickly get back to you with the information you need. Well Im going through hell and I havent even gotton to the airport yet. What a piece of crap airline! When I got on the 53 minute flight to STL she started to bark.

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If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware. If you don’t have a reservation, say “I don’t have it,” and you’ll be transferred to an agent. If you're still having trouble, check out. If your award itinerary is even remotely complicated, it’ll likely require at least one phone call to the airline. In summary, we drove over 600 miles making multiple trips.

I am a frequent flyer who takes my pet with my on frequent trips to my second home in Wisconsin. I asked a flight attendant about taking my dog to the pet relief area, and she set me up with a Delta customer service representative, Ghana. I brought my yorkie with me so she could visit my parents. I don't think he will ever recover emotionaly.

I personally wouldn't ship any baby animals until they are at least 5-6 months old. I understand all puppies react differently to flying, and understand accidents may happen in travel, however my puppy came out of his crate unwatered and covered in feces. I use it when my normal call strategies aren’t succeeding or during peak hours or large storms.

Hours later they got the dog booked on the next flight which was supposed to leave at 3:30pm and arrive at Atlanta around 5:30 where a kenneling service was waiting to take him overnight before his connecting flight. However, the contact that we received was the exact opposite of that. I agree with the confusing kennel sizes, I will be flying in a month with my little chihuahua on board so I called to get the "pet space".

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Then in Atlanta they kenneled him for no reason. There is no use for that space, if small dogs did not go there, it would just be empty small space. They have checked my girls every time we fly not a problem one. They sleep through every flight. This dog could hold her pee and poop for 12 hours or more. This was in January in New York weather.

So why don't all you complainers of animals go donate to the ASPCA because you clearly need to do something with your time. Some fares may be non-refundable, but may be exchanged for a fee of up to $200, plus any additional airfare costs due to difference in new airfares. Speak your AAdvantage number slowly and clearly to start the call. Special promotions valid on new bookings only. THANKS DELTA FOR EVERYTHING YOU HAVE DONE FOR ME and my brand new I hope healthy puppy.

She was okay on the flight from SFO to MSP. She was very thirsty and hungry even though food was supplied. So much for caring about their customers, Human or animal! So now we're stuck buying a new kennel ALONG with handles that we have to put on ourselves and hope it works.

I don’t have any real explanation for this, but it allows me to reach an agent faster than being put in the new reservations queue. I give them 4 bones because they could arrange a service somewhere to walk and feed your pet if the flights are international. I had to pull all her 'luggage' out of my suitcase and put it in his car, and she was on the front seat strapped in with me waving goodbye when the supervisor ran outside to tell us to wait.

  1. Anyways, i called ahead to make some sort of reservation for the little guy and the two representatives said it should be okay as long as his carrier prevents him from getting out in the cabin.
  2. As long as this airline is able to stay out of the spotlight on this issue, they will be allowed to continue mishandling and failing to take care of beloved members of people's families.
  3. At 10:00 we went back to the counter and they said we had to go to baggage claim and they walked us down to the other end of the airport.
  4. First I was worried about the safety and welfare of my dog. For any technical issues relating to delta. Great with Emotional Support Pets! Hang up and call back the next day. Has the plane departed and doors closed? Her flight was delayed but that was due to the weather and not the airlines fault. His teeth right there with disgusting sounds.

    The entire flight was to take approximately 12 hours. The first Vet recommended that my dog be sent over to a better Vet with more capabilities and that the second Vet would contact me after he had looked at him. The luggage was treated better than he was.

    1. At 5:40 pm I received a call from one of the Delta reps stating that they found my dog in his crate breathing but unresponsive.
    2. At the top-right hand corner of the window, click the button with three dots on it, then Settings.
    3. Beware of 13" restrictions on certain flights!
    4. Our family has been devastated over the loss of our family pet. Our grand puppy (that we had for a year) flew with our daughter (the owner) to San Francisco two weeks ago. Pets are not permitted on flights to Hawaii.

      Delta does not accept pets as checked baggage and requires all pets (other than small pets traveling as carry on) to be transported as cargo (pricing varies). Delta operates a mainline fleet of more than 700 aircraft and is a founding member of the SkyTeam global alliance. Disclaimer: The responses below are not provided or commissioned by the bank advertiser. Find out how to contact Delta's subsidiaries including Delta Private Jets, DAL Global Services and Delta Vacations.

      Why do I have to complete a CAPTCHA? You better believe I will be posting this story on every website with a comment/review section for Delta cargo. You can also search near a city, place, or address instead. You can also search near a city, place, or address instead. You can reach us with these reservations phone numbers when you are calling from the United States, Puerto Rico, the U.

      We have 4 cats that we need to ship, and even though we weren't able to know the military rate at the time of booking (computers were acting up) I was still able to receive it when I shipped. We need to be gone for about 40 days, and we decided to take our dog. We phoned Delta twice, and even went to the airport and talked to a person at the Delta-Alaska desk, to make sure we could bring our hamster up to Alaska (where we go for summer work).

      I waited for an hour, long after all the other luggage had come out, until finally I asked a sky cap to go get the dog. I want to take my cat to Germany and have reviewed the Delta website extensively and called them 4 times. I was planning to buy a Sherpa bag that is guaranteed on board with all of the other major airline carriers except even their smallest bag measures over 13".

      Com got a doctor for me to sign the documents for me, but I had to pay an additonal $50 for the Delta paperwork. Delta Air Lines, Inc. Delta Airlines (DL) permits 1 carry-on bag alongside 1 personal item such as briefcase, purse or a laptop bag per passenger fee free. Delta Comfort+ is an option for booking along with Main Cabin and First Class for travel within the U. Delta always treats my pups with great care and I would recommend them to anyone wanting to ship their pets.

      1. And that I shouldn't be flying with my dog.
      2. And then was not allowed a carry on.
      3. And wasn't allowed to fly!
      4. By using Twitter’s services you agree to our and outside the EU.Calling Delta's complaint line tomorrow!

        You don’t want to be three fourths of the way through a complicated story to either lose the call or have a phone agent miss the majority of what you’re saying. You may contact delta.

        I was taken down to the counter where I started and was told I would have to go buy a smaller carrier and get on a later flight. I was told that I couldn't fly a pet anywhere! I wasn't the only pet owner whose pets experienced the exact same thing. I went to so many petstores looking for one that they specified and they dont make them! I will NEVER use Delta's pet first flight program again. I'm completely unimpressed and frustrated.

        Inicio › Número de teléfono › Delta Airlines Phone Number › 800-692-6980. It took a week for him to recover physically. Just another way to fleece their loyal customers.

        The shrill screams made my dog very excited which made the sedative not work at all. The vet pronounced her DOA, she died from extreme hypothermia, she froze to death. The way My dog arrived in Saint Thomas from JUST JACKSONVILLE was ABSOLUTELY TERRIFYING. The website states 8 weeks. The worst airline you can fly with, starting from making a reservation online, and even worst re-booking your flight, it was my first time flying on delta,but never anymore.

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        Com Online Support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Com as well as spoke to customer service to make sure my 17 year old lab who weighed 92 lbs.

        • If it is a ticketed, paying passenger, then we should be able to have 4 carry-on pieces - 2 for the human and 2 for the canine.
        • Earn 50,000 bonus points after you spend $4,000 on purchases in the first 3 months from account opening.
        • Aircraft availability is limited, so requests at least 90 days in advance are preferred.
        • Family would never ship cargo as many pets die or get lost.
        • Delta sucks all the way, and i do not recommend the airline to any of my friends.
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