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Get help resolving your EA game issues. Read help articles, troubleshooting steps, or open a support ticket to get back in the game. K tweets 311 photos/videos 186K followers. I want to try to chat with them and send screen of those accounts. Found this also //help.

EA account does not show any error or warning. EA/Origin is a complete rip-off! EAIDS support is completely horrible: they blame everything on you, nothing is smooth and clear, it takes so much time to get to the point when they start giving you first tips + most of the EA support workers don`t even know what to do, so they forward you to the "smarter" man/woman.

I have a theory in the foreseeable future, Madden will be in the news and the topic will be its effect on young kids. I have been getting the run around and I am sick of it. I have been suffering with this same issues for over a year now I call we try all the steps we can find online even got to their 2 for help and support. I have done some research and found it is common to most of their mobile gaming titles.

  • And every year I see the signs of "game fixing" and deliberate deception on the part of EA Games to influence gamers to buy in game merchandise or (packs) to improve the chance of competing at the highest level.
  • And they say: it is still my fault, my internet is bad, my provider is bad, xbox must be broken, they never say I have lag because of their horrible servers and broken gameplay.
By using Twitter’s services you agree to our and outside the EU.Coins back that basterd was cheating it was just the 30 min of the game.

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  • We might be able to help and know what we are talking about.
  • What country are you from?

Stars: Poor – an inadequate experience with a lot of friction. Started to follow all the steps provided until I saw that the person who wrote this walk through has more of the packs installed and could not follow all steps to a t due to me doing a step by step install process to narrow down which expansion packs are having the issues. Still he can not use multiplayer as he keeps getting error that EA account does not meet minimum requirement and got to EA account.

This game will not boot up. This issue has affect hundreds if not thousands of customers. This program provides a report that will show your EA Advisor exactly where the connectivity issue is happening. This rating is for EA, the website, and the process, NOT the representative. This time they gave me a useless phone number.

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  • " Well I never played it and I just installed it yesterday, and the computer is new.
  • A lot of people have been posting about problems here, if you have done the following can you please post here and let me know that you are running into this.
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  • After defeating the TOTW 6 solo challenge, I never received the TOTW 6 collectible.

Know your account information, specifically your email address and username. Learn the basics, access the Web and Companion Apps, stay safe, and learn what’s new in FIFA 17 Ultimate Team (FUT). My online pass for fifa 12 didnt work. My son just bought PS4 with Battlefront and has registered on EA account.

EAids support is horrifying: I can call them if I want and spend my money, they won`t call me when I requested call back (~10 times), problem was that there was no my country`s calling code in the options + tech support is not reachable via chat + chat was not available so I had to make a new case with my other account (couldn`t make a new case via chat due to my previous ongoing case). Fifa has to fix this problems and give them all a bann. Finally the next day I go phone support.

I don't know about you but I work. I entered my name, e-mail and logged into Facebook account, then I pressed "Next". I even restored my computer, deleted files and programs, reinstalled and repaired Origin and the games. I first contacted them because I thought I knew what the issue was. I had bought the game in retail, as i always do despite my job, because ive got lots of time for rutter and the team, but the code was having none of it. I have The Sims 3 and a bunch of expansion packs.

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I am sorry that this hacking issue has happened to you. I apologize I have not been on in some time as my position within EA changed but I can help you out with this if you still have problems. I called back to get help and they sent me a link and I was told to help myself. I could not get it to run on my computer so I contacted tech support.

Its just basically theft on behalf of EA and im sick of it! Just loads and spins. Keep this ** service up and I'll drop all your ** games and stop buying anything with an EA tag on it.

If you select Live Chat, you will connect directly to a Game Advisor. In case for some reason your browser just stays on the "Thanks for contacting EA Help" page as you've stated. In fact, the 1st game isn't worth the $60. In the case of FIFA 17, this is done through the EA Sports FIFA 17 Support. In the previous steps, you can check the top right corner to see if you are logged in.

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The one who spoke it somewhat decently left me on hold for twenty minutes to look up my information and never returned. The whole setup is designed to keep you constantly influenced to upgrade your team though purchases while giving only slight opportunity to win, therefore defrauding the public. Their pr and marketing are so awful its a joke in the gaming community and ea expresses how they want to improve this but wont even give me 5 minutes to tell them why people hate them.

But the expansion shows as "Buy Now" instead of "Download".But they leave you to it and no way to get reimbursed.

We'll give you an estimated wait time until we’re able to chat and can help you out. Well over 2 hours spent talking to TWO help specialists and still no resolution. Went back and requested a call back started speaking to a woman she kept telling me what she could not do and not options of what could be down I found work arounds to send all the info I typed out to make it easier to help me and she could not be bothered to read what I sent. What can I do to prevent this in the future?

  1. Both tots were and still are in packs for another 13 minutes.
  2. But now I can't because of an error that the customer service doesn't seem to care about.
  3. Get to know your customers. Have you tried using the steps outlined in the post? Having to use Origins/EA's account, and attaching a master account that has been affiliated with Dark Age of Camelot (DAoC) for years should be a simple task. He didn't give any reason for this or clarify why I should do it. Hopefully someone could investigate this company who's getting rich off children by fraudulently deceiving them. I Downloaded Origin games, EA Games Platform to download from online store.

    Com and you can bet I will be leaving my review of this rip-off game and company there too. Don't worry about interpreting the report.

    They literally asked the same questions over and over, told me they couldn't find my account despite being logged in, and kept referring me to the help page and tell me my problem was because the wrong account was linked to the Xbox. They sent me a link with no way to input my phone number. They weren't allowed to regardless of what their accounts were allowed to do through XBOX permissions. This 24-72 hour wait time is nonsense. This Company sure doesn't respect its costumers.

    I was given some vague answer like "the specialists will be in next morning" but to be honest I don't want to bother anymore. I was more than happy to pay the extra $2 in EA fees and "$1 TAX" in order to get around having to deal with EA's support system with their "High volume Queue" and terrible return times in order to let me PLAY A GAME. I won't get any EA games in future for PS4. I'm sorry to say the customer service I experienced today was awful.

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    If my computer could not run EXC files I could not play any games or do anything on my computer. If you select Call Me, you will need to enter in your name, phone number and email address so a Game Advisor can contact you. If you select E-mail Me, you will be redirected to an incident page in which you will need to fill the subject, the description, the category of the problem and your name.

    Please include detailed steps as to what you are trying to do, where exactly it fails, and what is happening when it fails. Post on Facebook where the on line game experts are available and ready to help you. REGARDLESS of the permissions I gave through XBOX controls. Same thing happened to me and i managed to reset my security question today. Select the topic of your issue and give a brief description of it.

    Net, cuz they are fantastic everytime I have account problems, but at Origins you need a freakin video guide how to contact support >. No matter what I did I could not play the game so I started searching for answers. No way to get support, no way to work around it. Now that I am back, my 7 day free trial expired, and BioWare was not accepting my new debit card information. On EA Access, you're being pla.

    I recently bought a 60 dollar copy of Battlefield 1 new. I select Manage my account from the drop down menu, then hacked account. I started new case, repeated myself again and again and I got answer that they sent it to me. I then asked for a sup and the line went quite I then waited on the phone with dead air for over 10 mins and then the call completely hung up on me. I tried each of your steps to contact chat as I'm in the UK and therefore unable to phone customer services.

    Instead, the game gave me a "QUICK SELL ITEM" (WTF IS THAT? Is Electronic Arts your company? Is community manager for Sims and might not be able to help you with Origin account issues. Is it giving you any error messages or anything when it happens? It would be nice to still be able to control my teams tactics, subs n stuff like that while doing this. It's unbelievable that after 6 months of 100 emails and phone calls, online chats and post in forums.

    Surely the people from india are speaking english? Tap stars to rate 1 star: Bad – unacceptable experience, unreasonable and rude conduct. The customer service works about as well as the game does. The first three films were cut entirely. The hacker apparently changed the email address, security questions, country to Afghanistan and my display name. The information on this Web site is general in nature and is not intended as a substitute for competent legal advice.

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    I tried with Chrome (with uBlock turned off), then IE and Firefox (both of those also without any form of ad blocker). I used to stream the game on Twitch, I would play for hours every day, and watch people play your game and promote your product to tens of thousands of people. I was connected to a person who obviously didn't understand English very well, as they spoke in broken sentences and were difficult to understand.

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    With a total of 16 weapons, most of which felt exactly the same, and severe balancing issues. Would you like to contact Support regarding the "Get help with EA Access for Xbox One" issue you were reading about or a different issue? You can verify that the person making this order is proper when I activate the code THAT I PAID for in order to reactivate MY ACCOUNT. You have tried everything and need to contact EA for a FIFA issue but don’t know how or where?

    1. And yes, I know that you are able to play the game without being a subscriber, but the game is so lemited without the subscribtion.
    2. And you forgot bangladesh and sri lanka in your list of possible countries of origin for the support people you were talking to.
    3. Another thing to keep in mind.
    4. Are you looking for a way to contact the EA Sports FIFA 17 Support?
    5. As you may have guessed I need an app authenticator code.
    6. For a game and could not use it and to top it off he spoke to me like I was stupid. For the last year my kids have been wanting to play Star Wars Battlefield and Forza Horizon online. Gameplay is still slow, pole hits at least 2 to 3 times every game, every game 1 player gets injured or red carded for stupid foul but wen its the other team they make my player flip in the air n its not a foul. Get help from the community, find gameplay tips, and level up by answering player questions 24/7.

      We and our partners operate globally and use cookies, including for analytics, personalisation, and ads. We have multiple family account, both with many many games. We have tried every possible ts step I know of including this new step thats been out for longer then I have been fighting with this issue and no one has ever even brought up these steps and now I’m stuck in the process. We won't give up and neither should you.

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      This type of issue should be contained in the refund policy. To an extent that some players only shoot from very long distances because they know it’s definitly a goal! To explain how well does the EA Sports FIFA 17 Support work, we need to analyse their effectiveness and the waiting time. To start off, EA seems to have done away with connecting with consumers by phone. Tried running it on Chrome, FireFox, and IE.

      Turns out there are literally no way of contacting the company for a resolution to this issue, let alone a refund. Tweet us there with your questions so we can help you! Use the following search parameters to narrow your results: subreddit: subreddit find submissions in "subreddit" author: username find submissions by "username" site: example. WHEN they dicide to answer, they just use the same excuse, that they are not able to detect the problem.

      Then proceeded to follow the ts steps provided Go to Applications > Sims 3> right click on Sims 3 and hit show package contents. Then, the actual agent that came on 7 minutes later DEMANDED that I reconfirm the information that Amelia the automated agent had gotten from me. Then, when I finally get in, this person (Pearl Joy. They don't respond to emails, and apparently their phone service is for US and Canada only.

      What kind of LAME EXCUSE to terrible customer service is this? When you have the chance, please create a post at the Answer HQ page for FIFA 18 describing the issue you've been. When you notify them they say it's a bug in the program and the studio team will notify you. Which I have later found is just a BS way to not deal with customer issues and EXTREMELY common theme on message boards. Why do my defenders suddenly stop running when I’m tracking back?

      I have explain to EA technical support that I have contacted those servers that I was banned from for unknown reasons and they told me that it's my account that was banned not the username. I just realized I have bought them Battlefield 1 for Christmas. I just want to play it on my account so that we can keep separate games/stats. I looked up my issue on the forms and then on the EA help forms. I need another contact method.

      She sent me an email of troubleshooting steps and told me that the steps she was going to send to me were GUARANTEED to make my game work. Single-player became non-existent. So I got ahold of you guys and honestly got the worst treatment I've ever gotten by phone from anyone, once again saddening. So if you have checked out our page and page and asked us but still stuck. Something went wrong, mind trying again?

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