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Video calling is about as easy as it gets these days. You have tons of options to find the one you like most. Here are the best video chat apps for Android!

Has anyone confirmed that T-Mobile 3G doesn't support video chat via Google Talk? However, there are so many people that use Facebook that Facebook Messenger just makes sense. I also heard in a website that android phones are preffered more than iphone right now. I use to love this App but now i don't b/c i lost everything even my massages with important people's!

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Though, like any popular service, there also exists an array of third-party offerings available on both iOS and Android. To help you stay in touch with your friends and family, we’re launching Google Talk with video and voice chat for Android phones. Update "over the next few weeks" two and a half months ago.

You invite friends to the service with email. Youcan synchronize your Facebook friends and the contacts of phone all at once.

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I use to love this App but now i don't b/c i lost everything even my massages with important people's! I've done just one video call before writing this review, but the entire thing was spot on and without a hitch, which really is a first for me. If it's not already preinstalled on your Android smartphone, you can download it for free on Google Play; iPhone owners can download it for free from the App Store.

When you are calling someone who has the app, that person can see a video stream preview of you as you call, a feature that you, as the caller, can turn off if you're not comfortable with that. Where is Gingerbread for the G2?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! While Apple recommends only using FaceTime while connected to a wireless Internet connection, Hangouts deals much better with standard cellular data rates.

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If we missed any of the best video chat apps for Android, tell us about them in the comments! If you are new to iOS or Mac, we’ve prepared a guide on so that you can learn how to use all of the features. If you have an Android phone, you should also have a Google account — it’s the key to all of the company’s awesome services, including Hangouts.

  1. Click on video button to start making video calls.
  2. Clicking any of the links will take you to the retailer's website to shop for this product.
  3. Download the app followed by its installation.
  4. Easily upload pictures or videos straight from your camera roll, or add text to any chain you’d like to contribute to.
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    The in-app purchases are just for personalization options. The post states "You can make calls over a 3G or 4G data network (if your carrier supports it). The service does boast 280 million users around the world, so it’s not just a niche thing. The video chat experience works relatively well. The video quality is exceptional from other apps but the audio is too bad.

    Personally I'm more interested in that than video anyway. Please change or I'm going to have to start using a launcher on my Pixel. Skype is rubbish compared to this.

    • In fact, you can video chat with up to ten people at once.
    • Google's own video and messaging app is one of the most popular ways to make voice and video calls from your Android phone, and that's not just because the app usually comes pre-installed.
    • JusTalk is another one of the lesser-known video chat apps.
    • So i request to the maintains team to look after this matter.
    • You can now video or voice chat with your friends, family and colleagues right from your Android phone, whether they’re on their compatible Android tablet or phone, or using Gmail with Google Talk on their computer.

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    Only thing is making sure you're on the right network like Sprint or something. Only thing is making sure you're on the right network like Sprint or something. Open the app and register your username. Or even strangers if you want.

    What's great: Hangouts organizes your conversations by person, and you can send messages, and start voice and video calls from one place. What's not: Glide's Android app design is clunky and sometimes video quality isn't the best. What's not: The app can be glitchy, especially when trying to hang up a video call.

    Google also offers a mobile version for iOS. Google can't even adhere to it's own design principles.

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    Users can launch a video call with the click of the video button in the bottom-left corner. Usesvery less mobile data. Viber’s 2014 update let users place free video calls internationally. Video chat doesn't work over T-Mobile 3G.

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    Even my young grandkids call and say hi and show me all the things they can do!Extremely lame to push this as part of firmware instead of via Market.
    • " If a voice or video invitation comes in when on 3G, a notification comes on saying I missed the call because I wasn't on Wi-Fi.
    • (Free), our previous favorite, is still a more than strong contender.
    • Allow me to register multiple phone numbers (I have several) 5.
    • And if you have a Google account, you can already use Hangouts -- there's no need to sign up for anything new.

    It can be downloaded free from Google Play Store for android or from App store for iOS. It can be downloaded free of cost from Google Play Store for android or from App store for iOS. It can be downloaded free of cost.

    • And where most people with Android devices have Google accounts by default for Hangouts, it’s not the case here.
    • Apple lovers will be relieved that they won't have to set up a Google account just to use Duo, because it's tied to your phone number, not to a Google profile.
    • But Apple’s experience in mobile software still gives them the edge in a number of areas, and video chatting is one of them.
    • But I have been using the new Fring Video Chat and it keeps disconnecting me in the middle of a chat.
    • Buttons along the bottom include a mute toggle, video toggle, sound options (including speaker, headphones and bluetooth toggles), and a button to change from front facing to rear camera.
    Funny thing is I'm running that very app on my gingerbread HTC evo right now and its working great.Google Hangouts (formerly Google Talk on mobile devices, and just a web-based video chatting service inside of Google+) has exploded in the past few years it's been around to take the lead among free, web-based and mobile video chat services.Google Talk with video and voice chat will gradually roll out to Nexus S devices in the next few weeks as part of the Android 2.

    Who needs Apple, anyways? Why don't they make this gtalk update available via the Market like they do for maps and such? Will show my dad how to use it and our whole family can enjoy face chating together. With a simple interface, Imo delivers an easy and straightforward option for video chat on Android phones.

    In the EU Market, make sure a full set of tools goes with it: TEXT TRANSLATION and while video-chatting, this is very helpful for businesses, corporations, stores, factories, hospitals, professionals and students,etc. Is it finally supporting multiple Gtalk accounts? It also features group chats, encryption, and cross-platform support. It can be downloaded free from Google Play Store for android or from App store for iOS.

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    The video quality is great but the audio is bad especially when only voice calling. There are certain applications as FaceTime for android to iPhone work, which are confined to a unique operating system either it is iOS or android. There are plenty of to look forward to. There is no comparison though to be able to see your loved one instead of just hearing them. These FaceTime for Android alternatives do everything their video chat app does and more.

    Others feature like sound,video quality,handling every thins is fine. Oue connection has been really good even on the road calling all around the nation? Our robust, in-app messaging services allow you to send video messages, pictures, text and more! Over the next few weeks? Over the past few decades, smartphones have revolutionized the way we communicate with one another, rendering cord-tethered landlines a thing of the past — for better or worse.

    Soon but who knows if it's true and when. Start dialing video calls. Still, all of that is great, but video chat is where Hangouts really takes the cake. That’s what’s great about the open marketplace of ideas that is the Google Play store, though. The best way to stay connected to the Android pulse.

    It cuts out and you can't hear what they are saying. It was so much better untill u made the new update. It's not quite as feature-packed as the others, but it does focus on the core basics. It’s a camera button, and it will automatically start with your front-facing camera, like selfie mode.

    Luckily, there are plenty of choices to choose from, many that offer much more than Apple. Messenger on your Android phone. Never had this problem with Hangouts or Skype. On a WiFi-only device, you can interact with any of Tango’s 200 million users without needing a cellular connection. One feature that would make it amazing is being able to take pictures while talking so that you can save memories during the call, or being able to review the call after and save moments of it.

    Just drop your images or your messages into Hangouts, and your friends will get them instantly. Like Hangouts and Viber, you can use Imo to send text messages and stickers, but the app makes it dead simple to place a video call, giving you the option in the main contact list view. Like Hangouts and Viber, you can use Imo to send text messages and stickers, but the app makes it dead simple to place a video call, giving you the option in the main contact list view. Login with Yahoo account.

    You can still make phone calls like you could before (for a fee). You can video call other Google Duo users like you're making a normal phone call. You can't even just message your friends normally.

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