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Contact Apple support by phone or chat, set up a repair, or make a Genius Bar appointment for iPhone, iPad, Mac and more. For product inquiries, technical support, and legal questions, here are all the ways. You can buy online, chat, or call (800) MY–APPLE (800–692–7753), 7 days a.

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Our case number for this chat will be CASE NUMBER. Personally, I find Aligning/Relating feels artificial unless it's actually necessary. REDDIT and the ALIEN Logo are registered trademarks of reddit inc. Rep: Do you have any plans for Halloween? Self-Posts Must Foster Reasonable Discussion. So he can control the lights in the lounge but not my room.

He basically skipped all the formal crap and just told me what to do and it worked fine. He was a pretty chill guy and if he was a robot, then apple should just start making robots and selling that. Here is the link to allow you to leave that feed back on it. Hm, I know they probably try to come off as personal and "on your side" but I feel it's a bit patronising more than anything else.

You reached this page when attempting to access //www. You're taught to identify your own personality type, how to identify customer's personality types quickly, how each type interacts, and how to essentially be someone else for the sake of your customer when necessary.

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I know your time is valuable so I'll try to move quickly. I live chatted around the 7 launch and felt like I was talking to an AI like OP said. I mean, they're not going to be typing that shit out longhand, right? I occasionally do chat support for my work. I remember contacting them about a year ago and I loved it because the guy was totally normal, it was like chatting with a friend.

They are people, but with chatters they mostly cut and paste the same responses. They are people, they have a quota for "automated" responses in order to speed up the process. They expect when they try to get support that the person they get should instantly know what to do to fix the problem. They have to acknowledge your issue which is basically just repeating it back to you.

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  • " "We will get this resolved so you can get back to your family" etc.
  • " But there is also a greater number with the "well, if you're just going to "Google" it then why am I calling?!
  • " Instead gets replaced with a psychologists checklist of 'recommended phrases for customer engagement.

Web chat representatives are usually talking to multiple people at once. Welcome to, the community for Apple news, rumors, and discussions. What's the point of human interaction if you're going to have them interact with you like a robot? When chatting with Apple customer support, are you actually talking to a real human?

And he happens to be a Good Judy too.

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Confirming that you are you, that you are having the issue you just reported, that you really mean this part number you just told them, etc just like the Amazon customer support. Countless arguments in meetings with management about how diving attention between multiple customers is dividing your customer satisfaction rating, and how robotic the H2H plan was (in theory it's great but when used as a script, we sounded like an Indian call-center).

I work with tech support at my school so I'm sure it's the same with many other institutions who have support. I'm in customer service and we're taught to say similar things but when a customer comes in with a problem, I don't waste my time with any of that. I'm wondering if there is a way to manage permissions beyond granting and revoking access to connected devices. I've been called by one when chat couldn't resolve the issue.

As someone who did phone support for Apple for nearly a year, as well as having called in several times before working for them, I've seen both sides. As someone who had to go through some apple training to work at an ASP store that is protocol response another one would be "you're trying to repeats customer issue is that right? Both of the chat softwares that my company has used (we switched to a new one in April) have allowed us to see what the customer is typing while they're typing it.

Honestly, it's less of a by the Bible rule, and more of a guideline to help Advisors make the call easier. How long did it take to fix your issue total? I always found it exhausting, but it's a useful communication skill to have. I am looking into it further here for us.

Definitely human, just have to do the 3 As like the guy earlier said. Do you enjoy the holiday? Do you have any knowledge on wether this is a feature that will be implemented in the near future? Does anyone else have any experience with Apple chat? Edit: I'm an idiot, I did not see you were talking about the online chat service.

I've had three chats with the store support over an issue the last week, and it comes off very robotic. Ideally I would like to give my father access to only the lights in the lounge and not in my bedroom. If I had that problem I'd be calling in too!.

Most of the people they talk to don't even know what model of iPhone they have, let alone how to do basic functions on it. My point is that in the grand scheme of things, a few extra words from them to try and be nice to you is not the end of the world. No posts about bugs in beta software.

It wasn't until I was transferred to a "senior advisor" did it feel more personalized. It's an attempt to find common ground and be friendly but it feels so forced. It's kind of crucial to being able to chat effectively. It's most likely Text Expander helping them with pre-filled out answers. It's my understanding that when you get on apple chat, it's not going to just be someone in a customer service building surrounded by a million other people.

They have to align to your issue which is where you get that robot sounding response saying "if I had that problem I'd be calling in too! They have to align to your issue which is where you get that robot sounding response saying "if I had that problem I'd be calling in too! They have to respond off a script, similar to Dell support. They're just people doing their job. This fundamental difference in audience is why we support two communities, and.

  • Courses are portions of a Route that act like virtual races.
  • I was just interested in learning how much of their customer service is pre-written text and how much is the opinions and tone of a real person.
  • I'd much rather have someone tell me they're taking a few minutes looking stuff up than trying to hide it with a fake empathy statement.
  • They're bots programmed to react to your questions with certain answers.

Eventually I just worked it into my response after the customers brain dump of their issue to just say "im sorry you're having that issue and can definitely help you with that. Fake/forced empathy seems manipulative to me. Fastly error: unknown domain: mobile. Girl at the number was semi patronizing, tried to help, but couldn't figure it out either. Having pre-written and scripted responses is typical of chat support with many companies.

  • ") It's supposed to help put the customer's frustrations at ease — sort of a way to ensure that they know where you're coming from, and hopefully calm angry customers.
  • "how was your weekend?
  • (Did I do good at making me seem more human?
  • A customer calling in, mostly those who were less than average when it comes to operating technology, truly felt comforted and almost seemed to not feel as bad about their issue at hand.
  • A third-party browser plugin, such as Ghostery or NoScript, is preventing JavaScript from running.

The lines used are most likely the "say this while you search the database for the issue" response. The person was very friendly and did their best to help solve my problem. The proper place for advice is. Then "accidental" disconnects went up thorough the roof. Then like I said she was smart enough to know who to hand me off to and did it promptly. Then she told me to call a number.

But, I feel like the depth of the question should really give away how much time I want to spend on chat. Chat does the same thing as phone support, which I think doesn't make much sense, but it can work out. Click the link within the email to load this route into the app so you can navigate and post times to the Leaderboard. Com find submissions from "example. Com/organization/apple-store-tech-support-1800-486-0307-eu-contact-number-for-apple-support-itunes-com01 from 5.

So, just to make sure we’re on the same page, you wanted to know if it’s possible that only the lights in the lounge your Father has access to and not the one on your bedroom, correct? Source: I was a trainer at Apple. That free copy of text expander is your friend when jumping between chats. That's how I feel too.

No wonder they're useless and can't follow the convo. Not for Apple, but I can probably make some sense out of it. Not sure what to buy?

AppleCare still has some amazing technicians who belong in much better roles.

There's no technical reason preventing it, so I would assume it comes down to whether the developers of the chat support software implemented it as a feature, and if the company using the software decides to use that feature. They also work from home. They are indeed human, but I don't think they have much technical knowledge and they have pre-written scripts to reply to certain problems (maybe they don't even type out some replies, just copy and paste them).

With chat-based Advisors, it's probably a little less "real" because they likely have some of these phrases queued up, ready to copy and paste (that Advisor is likely helping 3 or 4 people at a time, including you). Without warning he removed my card from my account and blocked it from being used again even though I'd just changed my ID password. Yeah I have to dot it at my CC job.

I am not seeing anything yet on if you’re able to set what they can specifically can control. I can get A picture of it and I am back at my house tomorrow. I do not have any information on what features will be added, but our engineers look at all the user submitted feedback and I urge you to leave feedback on what you’d like to see to have new features implemented. I entered my Apple ID before starting the chat, but sure, you may see it again. I guess I should fill out those surveys more.

It's really patronising, I don't like to be taken for an idiot. Kind of reverse empathy I guess. Make sure to ask for Peggy. Many support associates use an internal software that saves ridiculous amount of typing and pre-typed phrases. Most chat support folks run 2-3 dialogues at once and heavily rely on their blanket answers, which is why they seem extra "robot"-ish.

I spent a total of 26 minutes chatting with them, in this case it wasn't a big problem because I was working on my computer anyways and had lots of time, but had I been busy or short on time I would be much more annoyed by all the canned responses and "fluff". I used to work in a call center where one of our KPI metrics was apologizing on EVERY call. I wondered this too so I started asking semi-random questions like where are you guys located?

And maybe too much time on focus groups or research.And those are the types of people that get angry and frustrated at the simplest requests.
Afterwards he couldn't understand why I was mad.All of the online chat support in English are human.Also, every time I've gone to an Apple store or contacted live chat, they say what they said to you.

WELL I DONT KNOW HOW TO DO THAT AND YOURE NOT HELPFUL! We always load up quick paste links and insert clippings. We may approve your post if it is a high-level issue that can't be found on page 1 of Google.

If you go into a store and you're pissed saying MY PHONE IS BROKEN IM SO PISSED, the idea is the specialist says "damn man me too I just broke my phone the other week it sucks! If you want to reach online experts of Apple, you can learn how to access to live chat of Apple on here and you can chat with online product experts. If you weren't Apple, you weren't allowed in their areas. If you'd like to view their content together, click.

Edit: Yeah, everyone mentioning the "3 A's" is spot on. Either give me real empathy, or don't give me any at all. Empathy only comes from actually being in the same situation, sympathy is when you can only imagine what it's like. Even though it's a super simple process to help you reset it, they have to say things like "Oh, you want to reset your iTunes password?

That's why some think the severity wasn't understood and then complain. The chat has some automated templates to use for common problems or common FAQ. The company I work for has a similar but slightly different set of different customer types. The concept that dividing the attention of the advisor between multiple customers leads to robotic responses, dissatisfied customers, and burned out advisors, seems simply lost on upper management.

Yeah, the problem is that you're a technical person. Yes, Advisors do use those phrases as a way to relate to the customer. Yes, they're real people. You can kind of tell those responses are real. You don't need to register to site for it.

I had a job with Apple for a bit, and the training materials were very specific about the phrases that we should use to best empathize with customers and keep them calm. I had a problem where my power block for my rMBP wouldn't work. I had a similar experience a couple weeks back. I just want to assure you we'll get you all taken care of so you can login to iTunes again. I know how eager you are to figure this out as that’s exactly what I would feel if this happened to me.

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    Imagine explaining this question to someone from 50 years ago. In order to do that, they have pre-written responses for the most common stuff. In other words, relate to the customer's feelings. In tech support, one is like a fire fighter who tries to save one person after another from burning buildings and then gets scolded for not showing the same panic the people in the houses have.

    Obviously the first two or three messages are sent by the computer to ensure you're still there before the support agent wastes their time. Oh, yeah, and the ever-complained-about issue of having to copy/paste the question multiple times. On two out of three chats they asked which iPhone colour I preferred and they agreed that it was their favourite too and that I must be getting excited. Otherwise, the store is good if you need a quick answer done or a repair done.

    Ironically it comes across as forced and completely not genuine. Is still widely used amongst AppleCare Support. It boils down to the fact that a large number of people think you don't understand the severity of their problem if you don't give such statements, and then a call easily turns into a fight over nothing.

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