Dating a nigerian man in america

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Dating nigerian men in america. Another characteristic of the nigerian man is that his love for women. I am an african american woman and i've been dating a. Yes an American can date a Nigerian but there are some things to know Dating a West African man is not exactly rocket science, however if you weren't raised. Dating nigerian men in america.

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He was generous paid for every date, but his azz was broke and driving rented. He would use his charm(basically beg for want he wanted). Hey, they come from societies that are not as progressive when it comes to women’s rights but women are more cared for in their countries at the same time. His three month had turned in to almost three years with every little excuse of why he hasn’t moved back. How the hell does that work?

If you fit this criteria, an African will look down on you no matter your race because those are the things we were raised to detest. If you say he is a womaniser, i will agree. In a typical African society, the whole society looks down on everyone who is either uneducated, lazy or doesn’t seem to be going anywhere with their lives.

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I finally got tired of him using that so I paid for it myself to get it done and of course our son is his. I guess I am not even worth a phone call. I have a feeling one of the writers is Nigerian or knows about nigeria alot. I know people are thinking why would I have a baby with him knowing I wasn’t ready and we hadn’t lived together.

We are not either dictators kids or poor! We've joined the BHM Digital family of websites and have updated our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. What I’ve found in A men, they truly value their family.

  1. Also, every time I bring up that he is never here for our anniversary, birthday, or Valentine’s Day it’s a problem with him.
  2. Also, what about an African that has family in other parts of the continent like perhaps being excited about visiting Tanzania since you as a Cameroonian girl have a bf from there (hypothetics here ppl)?!
  3. Altaego – Akata is a very offensive word to use to describe African Americans.
  4. An intolerant woman will sure have a hard time finding a man to settle down with.
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    I can give 8 reasons NOT to date an African man- I dated a few of them, and then married and divorced one after a year and a half. I dated one who had all of the above characteristicsbut he was also a womanizer. I dated one who had none of the above characteristicsbut he was also a womanizer. I ended up being stuck paying the loans after he said, “Baby, no, I am going to pay the monthly bill. I even put up all the money and fees to get him here.

    This is why the middle easterners and asian don't allow their children to date or marry african men. This man left his family in Afri ca and lied his way into the U. This only adds to the stigma that we need help finding a man. This post is complete trash. To a man, all of them were condescending to where I almost regressed to let them know that I'm "bout it" in other ways if pushed.

    Anyhow, great post, gotta go, y’all have a blessed day!As Nigerian man, my first date has nothing to do with you cooking for me because i don't even know you yet to let you touch my food.

    NJ SNAP-Ed is a Cooperative Extension Program aimed at improving nutrition and increasing physical activity among SNAP eligible audiences. Not disappointed, mind you--just surprised. Not disappointed, mind you--just surprised. Not intentionally, but more circumstantially. Now he got respect for African people, because he couldn’t survive neither compete with them.

    • He is very sweet, strong, hard working, has good morals, is a gentleman, and loves kids and family.
    • Thanks for a good laugh.
    • JENNYSTAR1J, like attracts like!

    Or the asian man who drove his 4 kids and himself over a cliff because he was angry with his recent divorce. Our families were against the idea of dating outside of our respective cultures at first,but have come to respect our decision and love. Please stop making things up. Please, go back and take your cab driver witg you. Pls stop generalizing and get to know individuals. Plus, we are not allowed to work while we study so you can imagine how much my parents pay.

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    Their culture necessitate that they should do everything for a woman. There are good and bad types in all nationalities, just be open and give the brother with an accent a chance. There is definitely some elitist behavior from Nigerians (men and women) towards african americans. There is definitely some elitist behavior from Nigerians (men and women) towards african americans. These men can cook the butts off, they are refined, know how to treat their ladies, are worldly, and the list goes on.

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    True Nigerian men are the very opposite of all you expressed. Walter Elate, is his name, stay far away from him if not you will be sorry. Was this written for non-African ladies to chide them to actively pursue African men.

    The trick most women employ is to become his legal wife first, and after the wedding (now they have a firm foot hold) they’ll draw up a list of do’s and don’ts for their husbands to abide by. The truth of the matter is that Nigerian men prefer certain types of women for marriage and they prefer certain types of women just for sleeping and nothing more. The western media goes out of its way to make African nations look bad to keep American blacks feeling disconnected and powerless.

    Copyright © 2016 Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, an equal opportunity, affirmative action institution. Couldn't believe one day I was watching "Good Times" and Thelma(i dont know if that's her name, but Im talking about JJ's sister) was cracking jokes on this Nigerian man. Did you even notice that as soon as he gets to the U.

    Nowhere near the controlling domineering stereotype, very sweet and gentle. Obviously not every African man is a cheat, it's just the way we tend to accept/expect it that baffles me. Of course I couldnt tell you why but its an interesting observation. Of which are difficult to trace because they are overseas. Ooooh yu are pathetic, im sure you are one of those africans who want to marry a white african american man, well good luck.

    Most of the ones I know love white women. My girlfriends often tell me how bless I am to have the husband I have. My husband is caring, respectful,generous etc.

    I wish i can see you and profile you properly. I'd prefer if the writer said some or most, not they as in all. I'm a kind, good looking, successful business man, but never, even as a musician in my younger days, could I get any attention from a black woman.

    However, when dating African American men she is more passive and docile. I AM 36 YEARS OLD AND I MET A GUY FROM GHANA. I Absolutely love my Somali fiancé! I am an African Man(A Nigerian Prince. I am just shaking my head at this article and its wide generalisations. I asked my brothers about putting his name on the house and they said that it’s crazy, and they find it funny that he is not contributing anything but he wants his name on the house.

    HOWEVER, I do prefer brothas from the motherland because they are very direct, know what they want and aren’t afraid to communicate it to the woman they love. He gets praise from his work. He goes to school and works a good job at the same time. He has been nothing but a burden. He is very thing the author of this articale described.

    The author specifically said at the beginning of the article that she’s not telling anyone who to date, just saying it’s worth considering the African option. The character of a man, is noit about his rrace, but about the kind of man you choose. The men were all from Nigeria, there was one Senegalese man, but he is gay and didn't really participate in the discussion.

    So in America it’s ok to drop the baby and leave money “child support” conquers all therefore lack of love is ok. Some African men have more to offer by way of education, drive and determination. Some african women or men tend to get married between each other because by the time they want to establish back home,it is easier than when you get married to any other black around the world. Thanks for generalizing an ENTIRE CONTINENT as though it were one state or region.

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    They are better and have nicer hair and nicer feautures. They are some good and some bad guys. They have culture, respect, language, and history which seperates them from the American thugs. They look at the later almost the same way whites look at blacks and treat them in subjugated manner. They might have been spoiled by their moms growing up, but they sure paid close attention to her recipes growing up. They value education are hard working, driven and family focused.

    • A man who doesn’t take life for granted is someone who has his principles in order.
    • AA guys are the very ones throwing away what they have with their own hands “attitudes”!
    • AA men ill treatment of AA women.

    They’d beat/cheat you and tell you to go home. This article assumes all Africans are coming from war torn countries or poverty. This article is not accurate. This is just a positive thread to show black women that their are good black men out there and dont believe the hype of the statistics. This is the dumbest crap I ever read!

    Being with him has been a bit of a culture shock to say the least,but gave me a new found appreciation for life in general.Blacks need to stay with blacks, anything else is demonic.Braille, large print, audiotape, American Sign Language, etc.

    You got a man from Nigeria to the U. You need to step up your game. Your assumptions about African women, especially are false. Your ignorance and prejudice is not helping the African American guys look so great.

    Another thing it depends on where their from too.Any man of any race, culture, and creed who has never had a male role model in their life can go home every night and beat their wife or girlfriend.

    Men dont want extra wives again but may still womanize if a married guy is dating you, he most likely will never marry you. More like domestic abuse. Most men in Nigeria will never consider marrying a woman who is not gainfully employed or runs a business of her own. Most of the Nigerian men that have married anything, but a Nigerian woman, are basically divorced. Most of the Nigerian men that have married anything, but a Nigerian woman, are basically divorced.

    But the others were very nice men, I was treated like a queen, friends say its cuz we were only friends, and if I would’ve gotten into a relationship, then my tune would change. But then I am generalising, like you are, 2 different sides of the same coin. But yes there are personality/cultural differences to these different tribes and at the same time there are similarities. But, they said, “Yeah, but most men would also help pay the bills and take care of their family.

    Don't get me started on the men who think their wives belong in the kitchen. Don’t ever do this again. Even sef modern day nigerian guys will cook for you and share all house chores with you.

    Even when he moved to Atlanta, I did not know until I was talking to him and he said he moved to there. Everything is arranged for them women and wife’s too. Exactly how I would describe him and his group of friends. Faithfully Fit aims to enhance nutrition education outreach and food access to limited-resource populations. HE IS YOUNGER THEN I AM BUT HE IS A SWEET HEART.

    Separate names with a comma. Several months later he asked to stop by and return some books. She made it sound as though her family would disgrace her.

    When you are in a relationship, fights tend to happen. Whomever wrote this article is an idiot. With me working with different people I see a lot of that from any race. Wow i need to get up out of my small town. Yes some of them are stuck up but after you get to know them its an different story. You don't have to educate anyone.

    But so are many African American men.

    Issa Rae represents a good number of the black women in LA. It just so happens that as african women, a lot of us are ingrained with that mentality from very early on that we need to make those sacrifices once a marraige happens b/c its really for better or for worse. Its to prevent bonding with African nations thereby preventing any black consciousness. It’s damn near three years later, and he is still using the same bull-ish lines on you and you’re falling for it.

    1. Africa is the second largest and second most populous continent with about 50 plus countries all with their own VERY DISTINCT cultures, languages (not dialects) and practices which largely affect the upbringing and way in which men act and react in social circles.
    2. African father abandon her and kimora lee simons it taking care of a bisexual nigerian and hedi klum takes care of seal.
    3. Again, there’s no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ about such practices because it boils down to culture and what is seen as the ‘norm’ for it: all nationally and locationally subjective.
    4. All african families i knew had 3 or more kids.
    5. I love him, but I am starting to hate him. I moved away asked him what are you doing! I read the article and most of the comments and I’m shaking my head. I try to help every time he calls asking for money because he’s my husband and I want him to succeed.

      I’m all for the idea of AA’s, Afro Caribbeans and Continental Africans dating each other and showing each other love. Jamaicans, Haitians, Trinis, Bajans, etc make the cultural distinctions. LA Hood is very different than a lot of hoods across the country. Let me clear some things up now. Meaning his parents didn't want him bringing home anyone who wasn't Nigerian. Men are men no matter where you find them,i think too much focus on women’s rights etc stifles western men.

      I'm not by any means dissing African men. I'm please to hear the attributes of AA women being discuss, but, I'm not cool with the Nigerian women vs. IMO, they simply just prefer AA women. If he is Nigerian then say that, if he is Kenyan, say that! If so perhaps it would have been nice for some Latvian woman to be excited at the prospect of visiting her man's country instead of the kolomenta thing of the only travel considered worldly is to Europe and anywhere where ppl don't look like you?

      Should I do what all my family and friends say, as they tell me that I need to divorce him? Since there are areas of Africa that are still patriarchally orientated and where polygamy is accepted, naturally the men are cultivated with that belief that the woman is a ‘responsibility’ and it’s permissible to be in simultaneous relationships with some. So far from the truth.

      And I do agree with this article.And, ever since he’s gotten here he has gone missing in action.And, then, he calls you and tells you that he’s moved to Atlanta.
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