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Doctor Live Chat Free - For Any query you might have. Get All The Answers Online. JustDoc provides you doctors online for any problem your might be facing. Ask a doctor from anywhere.

Professional health educators from the Cleveland Clinic Center for Consumer Health Information conduct all chats. Professional opinions and interpretations of the scientific literature may vary. Said it should only take about 6 hours. See a doctor at LiveHealth Online – and keep on going. Seems like fake app.

I took MRI pelvis and MRI lumber spine. I understand reasons for not diagnosing over chat. I want 1 tiny question answered but in all 3 apps I've tried they either want all my details or all my money. IClinic is trying best to send specialist care to farthest locations of India. If the User or anyone under the User’s care has a medical emergency, contact a qualified health care provider, or call your local emergency number without delay. If yes, how much percent probability get a hearing loss?

I need your kind help. I received my answer in under 10 mins and the consultation was FREE! I specifically like apps feature of attaching a photo for consultation, it made skin care consultation very easy.

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Can I get a copy of my chat transcript?Can you please give me any advice or information on how to treat this condition?

Hate it Don't like App said your 1st consultation would be free but when I wrote my question it said share your question with 5 people then you can get free chat with doctor, how disgusting is this. Health2i Private Limited May 11, 2016 Thank you for choosing Doctor Gratis as your personal health assistant. Health2i Private Limited May 11, 2016 Thank you for choosing Doctor Gratis as your personal health assistant. Hi, we are Online Doctors at DoctorSpring.

My sister lost her 44 year old husband last Tuesday to oropharyngeal cancer due to him bleeding to death. Not good I paid for the service but after 10-15 minutes they again asked for payment. Of course pharmacies deliver at home today. Often accompanied by abdominal cramping, diarrhea varies in severity and duration and is usually caused by a bacterial, viral or parasitic infection. Only a 💻 would make this assumption.

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To reach Nurse Chat connect to online dialogue about your concerns or to link to the Health Information Library or other health reasons like Symptom Checker. To start a chat with one of our consultants, please enter your name and email address below, then click Get Help Now. Was looking to see if I need to go to a doctor or if it can wait since I have to pay to see the doctor until I finished registering (Just moved to a different country) I explained all my symptoms got a reply right away!

Opening the iBooks Store. Opening the iTunes Store. Our Premium Service Plan provides extra peace of mind for only 2 USD / month: Get unlimited consultations with regular follow up base on your previous discussions. Our doctors have no incentives to prescribe tests or medication unnecessarily, as unlike in a clinic or hospital practice, our platform processes diagnostic lab tests and medicine delivery independent of doctor consultations.

Shruti she gave me an advice and replied promptly. Skin rashes like eczema, hand foot and mouth, and impetigo can be caused by infections, heat, allergens, immune system disorders and medications. That’s our 360-degree care promise. The app had one job to do and it failed at it miserably. The health care person first checked my test document then he wrapped bandage around my arm.

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  • You will get an answer guiding you what to do or appropriate medicine prescribed on mail.
  • It has been a month since ct scan and still no improvements.
Anirudha Mohite help me out for all questions.Any medical health questions can be asked anytime from anywhere, as it is an online consultation service.Ask The Doctor is the future of healthcare, and the future is much closer than you think.

Sep 12, 9:23 PM Guest7780 (Guest): My dad has a history of sezuires and strokes and heart attacks. Seriously just a bit late rplies from the drs. Service and Second Opinion! She put my mind at ease and answered all my general health questions I had about my random chest pains. She thereafter completed her training in Obstetrics & Gynaecology from BPKHIS and was awarded the MD degree in Obstetrics & Gynecology in 2014. She unfortunately witnessed this.

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Click the text below to begin your chat. Connect with a doctor in just 15 minutes.

Dr Perigela provided me with pretty much the same information as a private physician who saw me this eve. Each individual illness or condition is separated into a community of its own so that you can connect with a worldwide population of peers to meet, greet, share and support. Easier and online - without having to wait for appointments and without having to travel. Enter a to connect instantly with others. Find the services you need near your home.

Why should I share my problem with 5 people. Will anyone have access to my information? Yes, your online conversation is completely confidential and secure, and you can remain anonymous. You can also live chat with a doctor on demand, attach a picture of your affected area or your latest lab reports and get answers in few taps.

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Considering your young age, I don't think that lung cancer would be the most likely reason of your problem. Definitely a must have app! Delta and she said that this is not dangerous then all of my worries are gone! Doctor Gratis does not warrant that the services provided by Doctor Gratis or the site of the verification that services will be free from bias, defects, errors, eavesdropping or listening.

The homepage consists mainly of this question form which you enter your medical query into. The information is secure and not shared with anyone. The last symptom i can really notice is that i'm very weak and faint. The one-on-one conversation takes place in real time as you and the educator type in questions and answers. The second time etiology wasn't completely clear but it certainly wasn't neither cancer nor tuberculosis.

Join the 500,000 people who found a smarter, quicker way to get Medical Answers, Second Opinions from Expert Doctors. Just snap a pic and send along with your ailments and voilà! Make your medical records portable.

What could cause this swelling and itching? When you first log onto the site, click “˜Ask and Expert’ in the left-hand column. While online doctor consultation our patients have asked over 50,000 medical questions on health care/ medical conditions! Who uses Ask The Doctor? Who would share their personal query with people they know?

Medical Questions Crowdsourcing gets your question answered by a large group of people from Conventional Medical Doctors to Complementary / Alternative Medicine Practitioners and Medical Specialists as well as Patients, Experts and Knowledgeable Individuals. Misleading bills*it You Wil have to email 5 people that you are incontinent of feces. Most aren't serious, but it’s important to check with a doctor and get the right treatment if needed.

Ask a Doctor online service fills this need effectively.Ask one question per online consultation.Awesome app Near perfection.

Is it possible to get it this way if i have it. It does seem like very generic responses, but they helped. It is absolutely necessary for all patients with such symptoms. It is something I can take to a doctor and feel confident in expressing concern for the need for certain tests. It only feels this way for about five to thirty minutes at a time and happens sometimes more than once a day. It’s common to feel confused, scared or overwhelmed.

Hi- Iam disable with my left hand and I use an artificial hand since last ten years, but since 5 years I am in so much trouble because when I use my artificial hand I get more pain in my own hand and bring more effect on my mind and it got my memory so weak, Please write me any crime or powder to use and to be protect my pain, I can not l go without artificial hand because I feel shame. Highly recommend this app!

We always want to improve so we are concern by your review. We personalize and strengthen the relationship with your existing doctors who are members of the Doctor Gratis Plus network. Welcome to the Cleveland Clinic Center for Consumer Health Information live chat service.

However, finding another doctor and the additional expenses for consultation can be bothersome. I didn't felt the specialist is away from me. I got answers to all my medical queries. I had a wonderful experience at iClinic, where I could get first class consult from a key physician for my ailment. I highly appreciate the objective replies by Dr.

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  1. A doctor whos never met me has given me a possible doganosis that mt own gp hasnt even though of.
  2. A must have app for your mobile.
  4. All of my questions and concerns were answered perfectly and professionally.
  5. And thet started being rude!
  6. You can now send photos to your doctor. You'll waste an hour typing one handed because you can't move your left side then have to share it with friends and family or you pay up.

    Then i consulted and gave me depiwhite to apply and Acne UV gel sunscreen. This is a simple site with thousands of answered questions already in its database. This totally solved my issue without me having to spend hundreds of dollars and waiting weeks to go to a doctor in person. Thoroughly recommend Dr Perigela and the service for peace of mind and rapid response!

    Get Practo app for a seamless online consultation experience and much more. Get brief answers for your Health Queries from Top Doctors. Get doctor prescribed lab tests done in the convenience of your home or office. Get everything you need to know about various treatments before planning your travel. Get professional medical advice and second opinion now!

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    Our free telemedecine platform is open 23/24 in week days, and 12/24 in the weekend. PRIVATE – First names only within the app so you can share without any embarrassment. Particularly when I drink caffeine or eat a big meal, it almost feels like it's ballooning out. Please enable it for a better experience of.

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