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Chat to Check Repair Status. Currently viewing support resources for:. Enter your serial number to see available support options. Check your order status, find answers to your questions or talk to our friendly support team here in the US.

In either case, be sure you have your laptop's serial number in front of you, because the site asks for it and the rep may also request it on the phone. It features four main navigation buttons — Home, Help, Forum and Me — along with a search box that queries the same Lenovo support articles you find on support. It offers wide range of laptops, desktops, netbooks, workstations, servers, storage drives and IT management software among other services.

Who will take the action agininst service center people. Word of warning, don't ever listen anyone here saying "threaten to sue" as that gets you no where but a door shut in your face. You may be thinking, "Well what about the Amazon seller? You will also receive a shipping confirmation email. You will get results, it may just take time.

I bought it so I will have reliable machine that I can use in my travels. I called back in, and again they were unable to resolve the problem. I can only add that keep the pressure on, but always maintain a neutral or non-aggressive tone.

  • After 40 minute wait on hold, I finally reached a man in India who to the way to fix my laptop was to restore to the factory settings.
  • After Lenovo, I am going back to Fujitsu.

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  • Frequent hand offs, call backs don't come and staff who don't know what they are doing.
  • " then they gave me the number of the guy they sent it to.
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  1. As already stated, we will not be giving you any further compensation for your machine that was purchased from a third party vendor.
  2. As bad as they sometimes are Lenovo is much worse.
  3. As soon as that warranty date is over, the Manufacturer and the Reseller have no more obligations to the customer.
  4. Bear in mind that most of the people you call will just want to pass the problem on to someone else, but that actually works to your advantage to get to the right person.
  5. Believe it or not, executives pay a lot of attention to that stuff.
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    November 24th, 2014 – My display has so I call Lenovo tech support. OR this friend of mine sells desktops for me regularly, I keep him stocked with two or three, he offers you a replacement on the spot. Our certified technicians are available 24/7 to deal with your Lenovo problems. Over the next few days, I call several more times. Person B proceeds to file a lawsuit against person A to recoup the costs associated with preparing to get sued and won.

    The rep then asked to take over my computer, which I allowed. The search is also unaware of what laptop you have. There is no perfect laptop, Apple spews lies that people believe about their relability(look on any mac forums if you dont believe me). They also offered me an upgraded warranty for free. They told me that I should not have upgraded to Windows 10 and on the third return, they installed a new hard disk and Windows 10, but didn't activate it.

    I requested a replacement of my exact same laptop, if not the newer version that was just announced that would presumably fix this hardware issues. I requested your technical team to repair the cracks, and I placed tapes with arrows pointing towards the cracks for easy identification by your technicians, I also filled up the repair form with detailed information to ensure that your company's technicians could identify the defects with ease.

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    • " they were like "huh!
    • A property of Genexis Business Process Services.
    • Adversarial, garbage customer service with no meaningful accountability.
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    It's nonsensical for the manufacturer to pay you an amount back that their books never saw in the first place. It's really about the number of units that malfunction due to everyday use vs how many don't vs the response. Its been a month and I can't help but wonder WHY I chose this company. January 12th, 2015 – Haven't heard anything. January 15th, 2015 – Finally get a hold of her. January 28th, 2015 – The customer advocate rep calls me back.

    If there is some end all be all solution the "which laptop is the best? If you want to do a voice call with Lenovo, you have two options: either call the support number directly or use the website to sign up for a callback. If you would like to be considered for trusted flair, please fill out the trusted status application at Please Support the EFF! In complete turmoil, I called the retailer, Harvey Norman, who replaced he machine on the same day.

    I run out of patience trying to find to whom I should talk with (Lenovo support or lenovo service) to solve my problem and learn more information about the repair. I then had some health issues that precluded following through with this further. I was not able to send in the laptop for repair until early June 2011 as I was on a business trip outside the United States.

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    Display problem and mouse track pad problem in less than one year.

    ThinkPad support number, Lenovo support, telephone number, Lenovo 1800 number, Lenovo support phone number usa, Lenovo service phone number, Lenovo support Canada, Lenovo business support phone, umber, Lenovo help desk phone number, Lenovo computer <<<<<<<<1-877-887-3557 for Solving the computer related problems"""""""""""""""""tech support, Lenovo computer support phone number, Lenovo tech support number usa, Lenovo help support, ThinkPad support phone number, Lenovo support number usa, Lenovo contact support number, Lenovo support usa phone number, Lenovo customer care, support, Lenovo support hotline, Lenovo tech support services number 1-877-887-3557.

    Com, all returns must be initiated within 30 calendar days of the invoice date.
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    Please do not make the issue sound like “ because the customer is not willing to pay, and that’s where all problems start. Please respect rediquette, and do not vote or comment on the linked submissions. Posts consisting only of a title/link will be deleted. Same number I've always used. Seems to be company policy to not care about their customers. Shipping times listed are estimates based on production time and product availability.

    Consider donating to the Electronic Frontier Foundation!Customer assumes risk of loss and damage for Products returned without an RMA.December 19th, 2014 - Still haven't heard anything.

    This includes asking for us to link to your subreddit, forum, bulletin board, newsgroup, Facebook page, whatever. This is my second poor experience with Lenovo service. To a newer version or other web browser. To share Smartphone related unresolved issues & concerns.

    The huge floppy days. The irony is that I thought "you get what you paid for. The killer is I purchased next day on site warranty but they refuse to give me that option no matter what has gone wrong with the laptops we bought. The lack of communication between Lenovo and the customer. The phone service tells you to wait on the line for a representative, but the hold music had barely played a few bars before Richard, also in the Philippines, picked up.

    He says he doesn't know but he will contact the service depot. He says he will email them again. He sent it in and was with them for a few weeks (only supposed to take a week). He then accessed my computer & scanned it - showing me foreign & local errors/established to my computer.

    Took 3 months, countless number of calls to ask for status, at last sent back with NOTHING fixed or work done, using excuse "we do not have parts". Total cost comes to around $1500 CDN after tax and shipping. Totally useless for her classes. We help our customers very soon with latest technology. Well no one here is going to be able to actually help I am reasonably sure. When I tweeted at U Verse, I still got a positive response. When they returned it the second time it was worse than ever.

    I will also file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau regarding my experience with Lenovo, not because I am expecting anything from Lenovo after filing the complaint, but I believe that transparency in reviews regarding a brand is important for consumers to make correct choices when they purchase their products in the future. If a staff replies, at least I know that there is still a glimpse of hope with Lenovo as there is still someone working in the company who has a heart.

    The actual question: I've been burned pretty badly before in the past with a refurb Gateway and their nonexistent customer service. The advanced and innovative technology of Lenovo ensures trouble free working. The box was still sealed with Lenovo factory tape and everything was in sealed packaging. The extended warranty was purchased through Lenovo.

    Lenovo's community forums are extremely active, which makes them a decent place to try your query, if other methods fail to get you a good answer and you don't mind waiting or going back and forth with some users. Make sure to tweet @ them and use a. Maybe a corporate culture of ignoring customer's frustrations and requests has been deeply rooted in Lenovo already, from the very top to the very bottom.

    Support that violates other's privacy, or breaks terms and agreements is not allowed. Tech support is almost useless. Thank you very much. That Brittany mentioned in her post is a _monthly_ charge with a year contract. That seller didn't manufacture that piece of crap product! That's still just over 60%. The Think products for business have a completely separate support division.

    Do NOT cash the check!

    I had documented everything, have it to them, and was polite the whole time. I have been dealing with them to resolve the issue last three (3) months. I have been going calling support, they said a supervisor will contact me. I have found that quite a few times the problem is the user. I never got the call. I pressed to speak to a manager and (after another 10 minutes or so) the technician told me that one would be able to call me back within THREE DAYS?!

    However, depending on which laptop you buy, you may or may not have to pay to ship your computer in for service. I 100% believe your experience and will never purchase anything from them again. I am never buying a lenovo again, but here's why i will still recommend you do. I am out of the office until 12/24/2014. I am out on my own to deal with my lemon of a computer. I am sorry you haven't had a good experience. I ask her to add one, she says she can't modify service requests, only view them.

    Get technical help for Lenovo at unbelievable prices. Have you considered contacting the Better Business Bureau? He bought a 3rd party refurb for the same price he could have gotten a brand new lenovo, which would have been replaced.

    1. Call back escalation guy.
    2. Called in through technical support team as suggested by your staff in the emails, no responses ever received, even though your staff claimed that a supervisor will contact me regarding my case "shortly".
    3. Can you show me these policies somewhere?
    4. Com will not accept returns of any desktop or notebook computer more than 30 days after you receive the shipment.
    5. I described what happened to my request for repair back in June, and said that I would like to speak with a supervisor to ensure that if I shipped in my laptop for a second time for repair, the case would be handled in a timely manner, as I always need my laptop around me for business. I explain that it was already sent to their “top engineer” at Lenovo HQ and still wasn't fixed. I guess whatever vestige of IBM culture has finally gone from Lenovo.

      1. Any returned computer that is damaged through customer misuse, is missing parts, or is in unsellable condition due to customer tampering will result in the customer being charged a higher restocking fee based on the condition of the product.
      2. As a medical business owner operating a chain of clinics on the east coast, the warranty experience that I had with Lenovo serves well as a negative example for my company's staff on what constitutes total failure in customer service.
      3. He told me that I should call back on Monday, I said that it was impossible that he did not have a supervisor in his team while he was on duty, but he simply refused to help and even gave me a wrong telephone number for an irrelevant department at the end. He was relatively friendly and agreed to possibly a bigger discount on a new laptop (he threw out 20%, which is. He's like nope, let me transfer you back to Thinkpad support.

        Doing research into Lenovo's customer service generates as many "Lenovo is a world-class first rate company" from most likely paid reviews as "Lenovo SUCKS and I HATE THE WORLD. Dollars and they wanted to charge me 70. ET each weekday, is about the same as using phone support, just without a talking voice. Edit2- Found about Consumer information regarding Warranties - Under "resolving disputes" it says "Try to resolve the problem with the retailer.

        Just claim you had $50,000 in data on your laptops hard drive when you speak with a lawyer, but be sure to bring some paperwork that is convincing that there was data. LENOVO Laptop Support $$ 18442356222 LENOVO Laptop Customer Support Phone Number 18442356222 USA & Canada! Lenovo Quality and Customer Service, advice? Lenovo help desk thus offers you superlative assistance. Lenovo service center is worst.

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