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Welcome to Ohio Valley Yearly Meeting. Miami Quarterly Meeting at Yellow Springs Friends with Yellow Springs providing the adult program. Ohio Valley Yearly Meeting is a Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers).

FUM and individuals have stored correspondence files documenting the founding efforts for several early Mexican meetings (before or through the American Friends' Board of Foreign Missions, later merged into FUM) at the Quaker Archives in the Lilly Library, Earlham College, Richmond, Indiana. FUM considers itself an association of yearly meetings and rarely accepts direct oversight of monthly meetings.

The Hicksite Yearly Meeting stored its records at the Baltimore, Stony Run meetinghouse until it deposited them in Friends Historical Library, Swarthmore College, Swarthmore, Pennsylvania, in 1967-1969.

NEW ENGLAND Yearly Meeting began holding general meetings on Rhode Island in 1661, held business sessions under the name Rhode Island Yearly Meeting beginning with the session at Portsmouth attended by George Fox in 1672/06, and separated into [1] Gurneyite (later FUM) and [2] WILBURITE (later sometimes called Conservative) branches in 1845, named, respectively, the Yearly Meeting of Friends for New England and the New England Yearly Meeting of Friends.

WESTERN CANADA Yearly Meeting opened 1911/06/28 at Borden, Saskatchewan and closed 1936/07/08 with a minute asking that Norwich Monthly Meeting and Yonge Street Four-Months Meeting of Canada (Conservative) Yearly Meeting accept into membership its only monthly meeting, Halcyonia. WILMINGTON Yearly Meeting opened 1892/08/07, set off from Indiana Yearly Meeting (Orthodox/Progressive, later FUM), with the Friendsville Quarterly Meeting transferred from North Carolina Yearly Meeting in 1897/08.

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GREAT PLAINS Yearly Meeting opened 1908/06/04 as Nebraska Yearly Meeting, set off from Iowa (FUM) Yearly Meeting by action of the Five Years Meeting (now FUM) 1907/10/19, including a few meetings originally in Kansas (now Mid-America) Yearly Meeting. Genesee joined in founding FGC. Hamm, God's Government Begun: The Society for Universal Inquiry and Reform, 1842-1846(1996), beginning at page 139, describes the community.

OHIO VALLEY Yearly Meeting opened 1821/10/08 as Indiana Yearly Meeting, set off from Ohio Yearly Meeting; became the Hicksite (later FGC) branch that first met separately 1828/09/28; and changed its name to Ohio Valley in 1975. OHIO Yearly Meeting opened 1813/08/14 by authority of Baltimore Yearly Meeting. Ohio Valley Yearly Meeting is a of the (Quakers). Opened 1957/06/21, consisting of 21 of the 27 monthly meetings that had made up Nebraska (now Great Plains) Yearly Meeting.

The Missouri Valley Conference has since 1955 acted (and I treat it herein) as a gathering, with its affiliates having direct membership in the Friends General Conference and/or in a yearly meeting. The New York Yearly Meeting Archives, now stored at the Friends Historical Library of Swarthmore College, hold a few volumes of records of its meetings, and genealogy researchers report that the Michigan meetings belonging to EFC-Eastern Region hold a few volumes.

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Many monthly meeting records were microfilmed in the 1960s by the Frederic Luther Co. Meetings in the Friends Historical Collection at Guilford College Its session held 2016/03/12 (held concurrently with a mid-year meeting of Piedmont Friends Fellowship) was described as its first yearly-meeting session, and it applied for membership in F.

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The FUM Yearly Meeting's vault, located in the Yearly Meeting office building in Oskaloosa, Iowa, contains most of the records of the larger branch and of the pre-separation meetings except in Bear Creek Quarterly Meeting. The FUM branch of Pelham Quarterly Meeting transferred in 1959 to Ohio Yearly Meeting (Gurneyite) [now EFC - Eastern Region] rather than participate in Canadian Yearly Meeting with the other branches.

INTERMOUNTAIN Yearly Meeting organized itself 1974/06/08 at the fifth annual meeting of the Intermountain Friends Fellowship (begun 1970/06 at Ghost Ranch, Abiquiu, New Mexico), and its first annual session opened 1975/06/12, including the New Mexico Quarterly Meeting and the Arizona Half-Yearly Meeting released by Pacific Yearly Meeting.

NORTHERN Yearly Meeting organized 1975/09/14, growing out of the Northern Half-Yearly Meeting, some of whose constituent meetings had withdrawn 1971 from Illinois Yearly Meeting. Nearly all of its constituent meetings still keep their records in the local meetings.

In 1844 the Orthodox (later FUM) branch accepted as Virginia Half-Yearly Meeting the meetings and property of Virginia Yearly Meeting when that body laid itself down. In 1859, the Primitives divided again into [4] OTISITE and [5] KINGITE branches (named after their first respective men's Clerks), whose respective branches of Scipio Quarterly Meeting reunited in 1880 and continued until 1896/05/26 as New York Yearly Meeting at Poplar Ridge.

Opened 1963/08/31, as an outgrowth of the Great Lakes Regional Conference begun 1939/05 and called Lake Erie Association of Friends Meetings after 1944. Opened 1970/07/17, set off by California Yearly Meeting (now Evangelical Friends Church, Southwest). SIERRA-CASCADES Yearly Meeting opened 2017 as a separation from Northwest Yearly Meeting of friends Church.

College Library, Haverford, Pennsylvania, hold numerous histories of the monthly meetings but few of the yearly meetings.

Which belong, or ever have belonged. William Hodgson, The Society of Friends in the Nineteenth Century: A Historical View of the Successive Convulsions and Schisms Therein During That Period (1875) discusses the Ohio divisions from the Wilburite/Otisite perspective, especially in Volume II at pp. Wilmington Yearly Meeting, 1891-1991 (1991), focuses on the meetings, while the other, D. You can help Wikipedia by.

The Progressive branch joined in founding FUM. The Semi-Centennial Anniversary of Western Yearly Meeting of Friends Church (1908) contains a helpful listing of congregations by quarterly meeting. The Yearly Meeting at its extra session on 1996/09/28 allowed each monthly meeting an option to withdraw from FUM; at least one monthly meeting affiliated with EFI instead of FUM. The Yearly Meeting initially joined both FGC and FUM, but it decided 2010/04/04 to formally withdraw from FUM.

Casado, Kansas Yearly Meeting in Panorama(1946).Claiming Our Past: Quakers in Southwest Ohio and Eastern Tennessee (1992), focuses on individuals and key ministries.

The Yearly Meeting keeps its and certain subordinate-body records in a vault at the Yearly Meeting office in Whittier, California. The Yearly Meeting stores its records and those of its constituent meetings in the Quaker Collection, S. The Yearly Meeting's 25th Anniversary Committee, DeLancey et al. The larger body ("Progressive") changed its name to MID-AMERICA Yearly Meeting in 1978 and to Evangelical Friends Church, Mid-America in 2001.

The Conservative Yearly Meeting, having stored its records at the Library of the Indiana Historical Society, Indianapolis, Indiana, laid itself down 1962/09/04, leaving Plainfield Monthly Meeting as an independent meeting. The FGC branch changed its name to Ohio Valley Yearly Meeting in 1975.

Because several quarterly meetings transferred intact to Rocky Mountain Yearly Meeting, the Rocky Mountain Archivist now holds most pre-1957 quarterly-meeting and many pre-1957 monthly-meeting records, and RMYM meetings hold the records of many local meetings that were discontinued under Nebraska Yearly Meeting prior to 1957.CENTRAL Yearly Meeting of Friends Church opened 1926/09/17, composed of Union Quarterly Meeting organized 1924/02/23 and Eastern Indiana Union Quarterly Meeting organized 1926/07/17.

The Indiana entries here started from the invaluable work of Willard Heiss, A List of All the Friends Meetings That Exist or Ever Have Existed in Indiana (revised 1961), supplemented by review of the minutes and inventories of the archives provided by Tom Hamm, Professor of History and Quaker Archivist for Earlham College. The Iowa State Historical Society in Des Moines in 1980-1981 microfilmed most records of meetings in the Conservative Bear Creek and Salem Quarterly Meetings.

  1. " The (few) Conservative meetings separating from Indiana (FUM) Yearly Meeting in the 1870s joined Western (Conservative) Yearly Meeting.
  2. (A) opened 1672/04 as the Half Yearly Meeting held [alternately] at West River and "Tredhaven" (Third Haven), (B) became Maryland Half-Yearly Meeting in 1763, (C) began to hold only one annual meeting in 1774, (D) adopted the name "The Yearly Meeting of Friends held in Baltimore Town for the Western Shore of Maryland and Adjacent Areas of Pennsylvania and Virginia" (commonly rendered as "Baltimore Yearly Meeting") in 1790 when it transferred the Eastern Shore Quarterly Meeting to Philadelphia Yearly Meeting and accepted the transfer of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting's Fairfax and Warrington Quarterly Meetings, (E) accepted the transfer of Nottingham Quarterly Meeting from Philadelphia Yearly Meeting in 1819, (F) separated 1828/10 into [1] Hicksite (later FGC) and [2] Orthodox (later FUM) branches, and (G) reunited by filing "Articles of Consolidation" effective 1968/01/02.
    1. (now at the Indiana Historical Society), with copies provided to Wilmington College and Earlham College, and in 1987-88 for the Genealogical Society of Utah by Wright State University.
    2. A History of Indiana Yearly Meeting (1968), charted the earliest local meetings based on Clarkson Butterworth, Account of all meetings.
    3. Additional terms may apply.
    4. It was an associate member of Evangelical Friends Missions after 1985 and joined in founding EFI in 1989. KANSAS Yearly Meeting opened 1872/10/11, set off from Indiana (Orthodox) Yearly Meeting. LeShana, Quakers in California: The Effects of 19th Century Revivalism on Western Quakerism(1969), traced the background and founding of the Yearly Meeting, separately referencing several monthly meetings. Maack, Curator of the Quaker Collection, or from a review of minutes.

      In 1862-63, members of nine Wilburite particular meetings separated and formed [6] the OHIO General Meeting of Men and Women Friends (commonly referred to as MAULITE to reflect the first men's Clerk), which reestablished three monthly meetings by action 1865/06/20. In 1867 it accepted care of the Kollite/Otisite branch of Salem [Ohio] Monthly Meeting, and in 1868 it accepted the last surviving monthly meeting from Baltimore Yearly Meeting (Primitive).

      1. (EFA in turn grew out of the Association of Evangelical Friends, in which individuals had membership.
      2. (In addition, the OHS microfilmed various pre-separation records of Ohio meetings while microfilming the records of the Wilburite branch.
      3. (While the two branches consolidated into a single Baltimore Yearly Meeting, for about 30 years monthly meetings were allowed to choose to join the FGC Section, the FUM Section or both.
      4. It separated into [1] Orthodox and [2] Hicksite (later FGC) branches 1828/09/08; in 1850-1852 the [3] CONGREGATIONAL meetings separated from the Hicksite branch in New Garden, then Salem Quarterly Meetings; and on 1854/09/05 the Orthodox separated into [4] Gurneyite and [5] "WILBURITE" branches. It set off its Pacific Northwest and Willamette Quarterly Meetings to open as North Pacific Yearly Meeting 1972/07/14.

        The larger or "Progressive" branch joined in founding FUM. The last trustees of Blue River Monthly Meeting deposited most records in the Washington County (Indiana) Historical Society, and the Frederic Luther Co. The united Yearly Meeting continued as a member of FUM and joined FGC in 1959.

        Evelyn Mott, History of Friends in Nebraska Leading Up to the Establishment of the Yearly Meeting (ms 1927), supplemented through a review of the original minutes at the Nebraska State Historical Society or in the Rocky Mountain Yearly Meeting archives. FGC treats the Piedmont Friends Fellowship (joined 1975/04/13) as a yearly meeting, but this Index treats it as a quarterly meeting of FGC itself. FHL holds the minutes of Ohio General Meeting and personal papers of Joshua Maule.

        Adopted the name Mid-America Yearly Meeting in 1978, and adopted the present name in 2001.And [2] The Consolidated Yearly Meeting decided that, as a general rule, the Maryland Hall of Records should continue to microfilm all records (until the Yearly Meeting declined to pay the charge for that service sometime before 1993) and then it would deposit records of the FUM meetings at Haverford and records of the FGC and united meetings at FHL.

        The Congregational Friends (sometimes called "Progressives") in its Scipio, Farmington and Michigan Quarterly Meetings separated 1848/10/06, forming three new "yearly meetings": The Scipio Quarterly Meeting group of Congregational Friends, principally the Junius Monthly Meeting, organized 1849/06/04 as Waterloo Yearly Meeting and eventually adopted the name Friends of Human Progress; the Farmington Quarterly Meeting group, principally from Collins Monthly Meeting, met for several years as the North Collins Yearly Meeting; the Congregational Friends in Genesee's Michigan Quarterly Meeting refused to accept the discontinuance of the Quarterly Meeting in 1848 and organized the Michigan Yearly Meeting of Congregational Friends 1849/02.

        The Friendly Virginians: America's First Quakers (1994), discusses all the meetings of any branch and many individual Friends in Virginia, covering most of Baltimore's Fairfax Quarterly Meeting. The Friends World Committee for Consultation, Section of the Americas, was organized in 1938 as the American Section of the Friends World Committee for Consultation. The Gurneyite branch joined in founding FUM in 1902.

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        Skarstad, FRACTION: THINGS GET BROKEN -- A History of Nebraska Yearly Meeting of Friends 1947-1957 (1981), traces the separation with focus on the Denver meetings. Southwest), Canada, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas (now E. Stattler, as Guide to the Records of Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) in New England (1997).

        Include records of the New Meetings Committee, the Executive Committee and the Fellowship Council. It deposits copies of its minutes at several Quaker colleges and at the Florida Historical Society at the University of South Florida in Tampa. It has stored most of its and the subordinate-body records in the Yearly Meeting vault located in the Newberg Friends Church and a few at George Fox University's Murdoch Library, Newberg, Oregon. It joined in founding FUM in 1902 but withdrew in 1937.

        • The Yearly Meeting stores its records in Kotzebue, Alaska.
        • Including a Joint Committee on Isolated Friends that supported the formation of worship and discussion groups in cities where no Hicksite yearly meeting exercised active supervision.

        Hazard has begun to abstract PYM records in the format used in his extraordinary New York YM abstracts, and FHL has assembled almost 20 bound volumes, providing copies to other Quaker libraries. Hazard's Index of all New York records, now posted on-line by the Friends Historical Library and referenced in the individual monthly-meeeting records in this Index. Hold a few records and several epistles of this group.

        Copies of its printed minutes for three or four years survive, but I have found no evidence of any manuscript Yearly Meeting minutes or records. Describes the separation from the perspective of the Clerk of the smaller body. Earlham College, Richmond, Indiana, and either the Frederic Luther Co. Earlham holds some Anti-Slavery monthly-meeting records, as indicated in individual entries.

        Holds some of its records, as do other historical libraries such as The Huntington Library in San Marino, California. I based the references herein principally on (in order of my use) Stephen B.

        North Carolina Yearly Meeting's Records Committee has kept at the Friends Historical Collection of Guilford College, Greensboro, North Carolina, a few of the earliest Tennessee meeting records, with photocopies provided to the Wilmington Yearly Meeting Archives at Wilmington College and to the meetings in Tennessee.

        In 1917/09 the Wilburite branch transferred its Hickory Grove Quarterly Meeting (with four monthly meetings in Iowa and California) to Iowa Yearly Meeting of Conservative Friends. In 2017 it released some monthly meetings to organize the Sierra-Cascades Yearly Meeting. In the 1998 Fourth Edition, Revised I described the Yearly Meeting as "CONSOLIDATED" only for monthly meetings that had joined both Sections.

        NEW YORK Yearly Meeting opened 1696/05/29 as the Yearly Meeting at Flushing or Long Island, consisting essentially of the Flushing Quarterly Meeting set off from New England Yearly Meeting 1695/06/14. NORTH COLLINS Yearly Meeting of Congregational Friends encompassed the Congregational Friends that separated from the Farmington Quarterly Meeting of Genesee Yearly Meeting 1848/10/06.

        Most of its early meetings (other than in the Bay Area) received their recognition as monthly meetings from the American Friends Fellowship Council, later merged into FWCC Section of the Americas.

        Fay, Editor, Quaker Census of 1828: Members of the New York Yearly Meeting, the Religious Society of Friends at the Time of the Separation of 1828 (1989) and James E. Fellow, Semi-Centennial Historical Sketch of Kansas Yearly Meeting of Friends, and (C) Vera J. From 1906 until its closing in 1940, Falls constituted its only monthly meeting.

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        Swarthmore, Pennsylvania, and its annual-session and Representative Committee minutes are printed in the Bulletin, nearly complete runs of which are deposited at FHL and Wilmington College. The 75th Anniversary history, David C. The Alaska Yearly Meeting of Friends that is affiliated with FGC changed its name in 1967 to Central Alaska Friends Conference and then in 1999 to Alaska Friends Conference. The Asociatión Religiosa de los Amigos en el Noreste de México, R.

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