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If you're an existing customer, please provide us with your Straight Talk MEID DEC / Serial Number and your Straight Talk Cell Phone Number when contacting. ALWAYS HERE WHEN YOU NEED US. At Straight Talk, customer service is extremely important to us. Chat live with a customer service representative.

  1. After Mike does a little research on why the phone isn’t activating, he assures me that the phone is not compatible with Straight Talk.
  2. After they said to make sure phone was turned to receive minutes and that transaction was complete, texted my friend.
  3. After trying to report again offline, no internet, I had 2 of their "techs" hang up on me.
  4. All after latest update.
  5. CaseId=new, or you can call our customer care at 1-877-430-2355 so we can look further into your account.Com/wps/portal/home for more information.Come to find out I have to unlock my phone and get a GSM Verizon sim card.
    1. "Ma'am you have exhausted all of your high speed data".
    2. According to the Straight Talk website, the old Verizon flip phone we had been using was compatible with Straight Talk, so I attempted to activate it.
    3. Adam: Thank you for visiting Straight Talk Wireless.
    4. After 7 minutes, I was still on hold with no answer (he had returned to the phone to ask me to bear with him a little longer), and my phone call was disconnected randomly.
    5. After I get home, I try to activate it.
    6. We are here to help you. We are here to help you. We are open M-Sun from 8:00 AM to 11:45 PM EST. We are open M-Sun from 8:00 AM to 11:45 PM EST. We are open M-Sun from 8:00 AM to 11:45 PM EST. We ported my girlfriend's number over anyway and I left to talk to a Walmart ST rep. We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real.

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      They had already charged my card. They told him I cancelled his number. This comes in handy for our children, (of all ages, lol) and if you happen to have significant other, all phones could be refilled right from this app! This is never works for me. This month I'll keep the service if I receive the phone then I'm going to a different carrier! This was a technical problem with the app, no fault of mine, yet they refuse to fix it.

      Straight Talk's website also features a regional co. Straight Talk’s tutorials cover more than 200 devices and date back to the Galaxy S3 and even basic smartphones, so you’ll probably find something there to help you with whichever device you use. Talk or hear; Make sure all pallets are stacked as straight as possible. That’s a stark contrast to the online chat feature, which could tell me my data usage. The app works perfectly for the second phone on the account.

      This was the worst customer service that I have ever experienced, not only was I lied to about fixing the problem. Took it to Apple and they basically said ST was lying. Total crap, "redesign" made it impossible to use.

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      When the agent at Costco, where I had purchased the plan tried to port the number over, the ST site said the number did not exist in their system. Why do I have to complete a CAPTCHA? Yeah anyone but straight talk. You should have to be a contract holder and anyobe sync should be signed too.

      Partner with ConsumerAffairs for Brands If your company has a page on our site, we invite you to to respond to your customers directly. Please fix our fast speed internet like you say it will run. Pretty much, the moral of this NIGHTMARE, I spent $98. She has had the same phone number for 7 years. She said after 20 minutes they hang up on her.

      Here at Straight Talk Wireless, we have something new! Here it is 4 business days later and I still don't have my refund. How much would hurt the company if he unlocks my phone before December, but when I will go back in the States I will change my carrier, company lost $50. I called back again, spoke to another "supervisor", for almost one hour, same spiel, finally he (Baltajar **) said "okay, phone defective.

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      Of course you have no other Options! Once it was fixed Straight Talk could care less what they had put us through and now assumes that my 3 lines of service will remain with them. Only not uninstalling it on the off chance it decides to start working so I can update my account.

      I called customer service and after some investigating he told me I had a defective phone. I called customer service to see what the problem was. I can never log in to my account? I checked my account balance and Straight Talk had double charged my account for a service plan that won't work on my phone. I contacted them about the double charge, and was told I'd have my refund in 3 business days.

      First I chat with someone online on the Straight Talk site, she is telling me she can't help but she gave a phone #. First, a word about Straight Talk’s automated service: It’s a mess. For faster assistance, please chat with us at //bit. For further assistance, please email us at ST.

      Conceptually, the app's great.

      For further assistance, you can also chat with us @//bit. For your convenience, our representatives are available Monday-Sunday from 8:00 AM to 11:45 PM EST. Got it in the mail 2 days later, I decided I was going to stay with Verizon. He informed me it was strange, "Everyone gets 4-5 bars on our wifi. He said "Check with store policy, call back, let them know.

      Tried both the Sim and the serial number and niether one works. Turns out I had to wait 7 days to get the sim card. Turns out rolling phone number over rolls remaining service over but cancels out any current service.

      I didn't complain much the first couple of weeks, quite often being "offline, no internet connection". I don't believe you're honoring your upgrade. I found out from my phone wifi advance settings saying it turned off my wifi. I have been a Loyal Straight Talk customer for going on 8 years now.

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      I keep getting the same answers from all of them and their answers do not fix my problem. I know when my bill is due,so stop telling me. I lost my friend over this. I purchased two refurbished iPhones from them with a 90-day warranty. I really feel like Straight owes me a month of free service. I used to work from home, so I would use my phone and laptop all the time.

      It didn't recognize my password or my email. It’s just as well, I would have needed a translator. July was even worse, as my husband had tried to call me up to ten times on two different days and was unable to get through. Keyboard frequently malfunctions automatically filling screen with unreadable nonsense. LG makes pretty good product.

      Could not port the number. Does anyone have any suggestions?

      I've had service with straight talk for the last 4 days. If only they had Closed Captioning for cell phones. If you are at an office or shared network, you can ask the network administrator to run a scan across the network looking for misconfigured or infected devices. If you want to see Straight Talk at its best, stick to the carrier’s support site, and make extensive use of its live-chat option.

      Nd shift position* GENERAL DESCRIPTION OF POSITION The DC Associate must be able to perform the job duties listed below in any of the required DC. Next step: drive 31 miles away to Walmart to buy a $50 kit that includes the SIM card and the $45 plan. Next you get a lot of data but you can't use it because you're either throttled or not allowed. Now she’s going to transfer me to the department that handles service transfers so I can get an estimate on how long it’s going to take.

      • " He doesn't even listen what I had to say.
      • " I'll never believe the 4 star rating is accurate.
      1. And when I tested the service, I got answers to everything from how to manage my passwords to how to change my data plan.
      2. Baljeet in Bangledesh answers, and I can’t understand a word beyond Hello.
      3. Bought the bring your own phone kit, put in new sim card, used pin to activate then rolled phone number over.
      4. But wait, there's more.
      5. Called again and was told that the couldn't extend the time.
      6. I've been with Straight Talk for nearly 10 years and here we are in the worst devastating CATASTROPHE in Texas where we received a direct hit from Harvey Hurricane flooding where people are dying, trapped, flooding, pleading for help and only access to communication is through FB or Twitter which requires data on their phones, and what do they do Straight Talk sends a reminder that your data has been depleted despite the fact you supposedly paid for unlimited access and 8g.

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        I will never go back to them, or any more prepay.

        Straight Talk September 1, 2017 We are sorry for the inconvenience that you have experienced. Straight Talk also claims that its Twitter account is staffed daily from 8 a. Straight Talk is a joke a scam.

        ET on a Monday, asking which countries are covered by the company’s Unlimited International Mobile plan. ET on a weekday, I asked Genesis, a Straight Talk rep, about the carrier’s unlimited international plan and what countries it covered. Fee and the taxes, that $45 a month unlimited plan now becomes a $50 card and even after adding your card, you still can never access anything unless on wifi.

        Well stand up and hold it high you might get signal. When I went back to Straight Talk which was in May they've been charging my card and also they've been messing with my phone meaning when I try to send picture message to my mother it won't go through so I have to call them and it takes 2. When i try to Log-In it refuses to log me in. When it works, it's nice to see where I'm at on data but over half the time I get "something went wrong" or some other frustrating message.

        Ly/16DrgbW, or you can call our customer care at 1-877-430-2355. Ly/16DrgbW, or you can call our customer care at 1-877-430-2355. Ly/16DrgbW, or you can call our customer care at 1-877-430-2355. Moved out to PA and T-Mobile service here sucks so I was told Straight Talk uses Verizon towers and I would get great service. My mom called them also and got the same thing happen to her. Nd message Update your internet settings over Wi-Fi.

        The bottom line with Straight Talk’s social media presence: Go with Facebook if you want a prompt, cordial response. The last time we took a look at Straight Talk’s customer service, we found the carrier’s online and social media support subpar, but we were generally impressed with how the carrier handled troubleshooting calls over the phone. The worst customer service people ever. Then he put me on hold 11-12 minutes, then disconnected me. There, you’ll find the.

        So now I'm in Europe for month or two and I thought I will unlock my phone to be able to use the phone here (Straight Talk you can't use outside USA or no roaming). Some Straight Talk deals. Something went wrong, mind trying again? Straight Talk August 23, 2017 We are sorry for the inconvenience that you have experienced. Straight Talk December 21, 2016 Thank you for the feedback and we would like to help you.

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        Straight Talk June 15, 2017 Sorry for the inconvenience you have experienced with the service. Straight Talk June 15, 2017 Sorry for the inconvenience you have experienced with the service. Straight Talk June 22, 2017 Sorry for the inconvenience you have experienced with this service. Straight Talk March 21, 2017 Sorry for the trouble you are experiencing with the app. Straight Talk May 19, 2017 Sorry for the inconvenience you have experienced with the service.

        • Other interactions with Facebook during my testing never went longer than 20 minutes without a response from a carrier tech rep.
        • Minutes later her phone service shuts off again.
        • Ly/16DrgbW, or you can call our customer care at 1-877-430-2355.
        • I even had one of those CHEAP phones here that never gave me a problem (Tracfone, BTW, same company) but I spent A LOT more money for a defective phone, with no service half the time.
        • After about 20 minutes of asking her to repeat everything so I can make sure I heard her right, she assures me that I can’t use that $30 plan I just purchased with this particular phone, that I will need the $45 plan.
        Conclude malfunctions are Straight Talk.

        If you’re interested in being part of a team that dreams large, talks straight, and helps millions of customers every year build their financial future, then we. Instead we suffer from their mistake and they don't care. It didn't recognize my password or my email.

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