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Contact Spectrum for help with cable TV, Phone, Internet, home security, equipment, account and billing info and more. You can also use live chat. Time Warner Cable and the eye/ear logo are trademarks of Time Warner Inc. To order any services not available online, contact us.

Not only do they not value their customers but they have horrible customer service when you call and that's saying a lot when I work in customer service industry. Now Spectrum decide to take it out the Latin or Spanish package. One must be both crazy and lazy to accept to pay $90 for internet when they offer $29.

  1. AN HOUR later I get call from dispatch that there was an outage declared at 109 CST.
  2. After about one-year time of service, Time Warner increased this rate to $80 dollars, was told promotion ended.
  3. Again, I was assured I would receive a call PRIOR to the tech's arrival which never happened.
  4. Besides that, they also lie to you over the phone telling you your gouged price has just been lowered, which it hasn't.
  5. During our entire conversation, she continuously had a mouthful of food, and I had to ask her to repeat herself several times!Every day someone confirms that today they will install.First off I explained the exact services that were needed.

    I called customer service and they told me I had to buy their service just to reactivate my email. I clearly understand that it was a retaliation from big company to the customer, my initial complaints irritated a lot of people in Spectrum. I continued speed tests, also in my Netflix settings. I finally get someone who actually sides with me and says they can get it restored because it was their fault and she cannot get it reconnected so she transfers me.

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    We couldn't watch anything without interruption every minute. We gebruiken cookies om inhoud en advertenties relevanter te maken en je een veiligere ervaring te bieden. We only had TWC for a month, after 3 phone calls with the same results I called it quits.

    It is a rip-off and the customer services are horrible and again I say horrible. It's now almost midnight and my appointment was at 6 and I still have not heard anything from this company. Join the ConsumerAffairs Community!

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    This is why I don't do business with them as they do not care about customers. This time Joan did fix my internet, so when the second tech that came 2 hours later to fix my neighbor's internet, it was already fixed by whatever Joan did in the box outside. This was the only customer service representative that actually helped me. This went on and I turned on the ** button because I HATE BUSINESSES THAT EXIST TO CHEAT. Time Warner charged excessive amount to old customer for internet service.

    Their customer service is no help (maybe they're not obligated to). They are using used equipment which is broken. They offered a Latin package and it was ok until They started taken channels out of that package. This app is for customers in the former Time Warner Cable service area. This company has lied to me so many times. This is just a way for this cable company to get extra money to do the job they promise.

    Opening the iBooks Store. Reader: You can’t tell me the cost of the 10MB roadrunner w/o powerboost? She does not need to be in customer service! She very curtly said "Ok fine. Since my house was for sale, I think they decided to just ignore problems. So I called Time Warner Spectrum to let them that this not what agreed to and I wanna cancel my cable TV service and not pay for service.

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    So I have talked to at least 15 different reps in 2 days and still never got the issue resolved or ever spoke to a supervisor, not to mention I called the headquarters and was transferred. So I then in turn ask them to remove this phone service and also put in a disconnect because I was moving on August 31, 2017. So I told him I did not care I wanted to speak with a supervisor, so he transfers me to yet another customer service rep and I had to start all over once again with this dilemma!

    You only get call centers from abroad.

    Gone through 2 or 3 modems and 3 cable boxes in a year at the shop and home, they always tell you they are plug and play. He stated that my consent to accept the appointment wasn't necessary and he was allowed to do what he wanted. He was very pleasant and helpful. He went on to say that the service was now at its full price. Heard about Time Warner being crooked. I AM ALSO TIRED OF THEIR MENUS THAT DO NOT WORK!

    I went in Friday spoke to a gentlemen, explained everything and was told to simply bring in the equipment. I've had this app for a little over a year and it was working wonderfully. If you could change the name to Spectrum to avoid confusion, that would be my only recommendation for future. Internet has gone out twice in two weeks and had horrible experience each time I call in whether it's for tech or billing issue.

    I guess some CEO or top executive needs a big bonus. I had been on the phone since about 830pm. I made several calls for reimbursement of repair expenses and was told that someone would call me but they just don't. I needed a great, fast internet as I have cut the cable cord and gone all streaming now. I plan on filing a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission and The BBB against Time Warner/Spectrum for their deceitful business practices.

    Sooo please Time Warner tell me what you're going to do to make this right? Techs spend 3 hours sitting around getting permission from some incompetent and outdated so called manager. The information on this Web site is general in nature and is not intended as a substitute for competent legal advice. The manner that he handled this was only to make me get a higher bill. The that some customers in California are seeing rates going up by more than 25% in the next month.

    1. But I guess as long as you gauge the current ones, it all evens out.
    2. Charter Communications, Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks are now one company, and soon you’ll get to know us by the name Spectrum.
    3. Customer service is the poorest I have ever experienced.
    4. Discover and share new music, movies, TV, books, and more.
    5. Do they think people don't check that stuff?
    6. I signed up for internet service about two years ago, the amount I paid was between $45 to $50 dollars per month. I then explained that the first rep had quoted me much lower, and she said one of us was lying, but she didn't think it was me. I urgently called and chatted many times (because of their bad chat connection, technical system and useless customer service) including a 30 min hold to talk to a SUPERVISOR which I did NOT get to talk to.

      For company that is in technology business that is very low tech and horrible way to do business and then refuse to compensate for time loss if you work from home for loss of wages due to the TWC fault.Forced switch to SPECTRUM - Prices went up 41% from JAN.

      Who would think a customer, willing to pay $127 a month for service - would suddenly be willing to pay 3 times that. Within the past two or three weeks I no longer receive phone call notifications. You cannot contact them.

      Just to give an idea on the length of calls: I called at 11:30 pm CST due the Internet down and didn't get off till about 12:15. Latin community in Louisville is feeling that Spectrum is acting wrong. Meanwhile, this all comes as TWC seeks to raise rates on customers in some areas. My internet connection will randomly disconnect for five to ten minutes at a time, which happens two to three times in a single day. New name same unethical practices.

      We’ll keep you in the loop about important consumer news, new buyers guides and top product recommendations. When I pulled into my street, literally 3 minutes later, the tech (female named Joan) was leaving and would not stop even though I did everything possible for over 8 miles to get her attention, while I am on the phone with customer service. When looking back at some previous bills it's not there either.

      Time Warner has always been known about their bottom of the customer care and service – and I am not surprised. Tremendously let down that I have to deal with AT&T whose reputation is a little better than Time Warner Spectrum. Use My TWC® mobile app to manage your account and services, including review and pay your bill, get detailed billing information, and troubleshoot equipment for service issues, manage your existing service appointments and access Phone voicemail.

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      So it appears each year is a promotion which consist of a 20% increase. So of course I called back in and was informed that the $7 was incorrect! So this person number 7 tells me I have to call back in the morning because the department that can get this restored is closed at 9pm. Something went wrong, mind trying again?

      • Call Spectrum at 3 pm to get internet.
      • It was close to the end of the day but I work in customer service, there is Never a reason to make a customer feel like they are bothering you as soon as they come up.

      Very displeased in the manner that my order was handled. WOW is being installed in my community so as soon as I can, I will switch to them. We catalog the best ways through tough customer service issues.

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      I also told them I WILL CHARGE SPECTRUM $500 for time spent. I asked throughout the call for them to check for an outage but since not enough people has called in yet they wanted to send a tech out. I called Chris’s supervisor directly for a resolution on this order. I called TWS again because my internet isn't working. I called again and once again the tech guy tried a few things from having me erase the "cookies" on my pc and rebooting the modem.

      Get with time and upgrade your stuff and train your employees better not hire outside the US where they can't speak or understand English.

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