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With 24/7 live chat assistance, you're in control of your DIRECTV NOW experience. Select the Chat available link at the bottom of this page to initiate a chat. DIRECTV and AT&T U-verse TV customers, contact us by phone or chat to order new service, track orders and get customer service, billing and tech support. DIRECTV customer service is here to help.

I then tell her I have the emailed copy of the chat transcript and she stated it doesn't matter we don't have proof. I wanted to strip down my service as much as possible to not give the AT&T's greedy little hands anymore money. I was a client for only 1 week because they never finished the installation and never followed up, no calls or emails. I will not be using them after this year and I will make sure that none of my friends and family do either!

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For one I'd like to tell you people if there's a contract for 2 years that you must sign that should tell you right there they need to keep you whether you like them or not so that's how they get you. HE SAID THEY WOULD CREDIT MY BILL $ 107. HOPING YOU WON'T CHECK YOUR CREDIT CARD BILL UNTIL ITS TOO LATE. Handles telephone and face-to-face customer contacts. Hello Scott, we apologize for the error codes.


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We gebruiken cookies om inhoud en advertenties relevanter te maken en je een veiligere ervaring te bieden. We have been with Directv for 12 years. We may be able to tell you the right questions to ask or things to say. We moved from one state to another. We paid for the last four months of service, despite the fact that our living room receiver never worked. When I called to ask about it I was switched to 5 different people saying, each time, that the next person could fix it.

Then-current everyday price applies unless you call or go online to downgrade. Then-current everyday price applies unless you call or go online to downgrade. These people mislead me by telling me that my bill would not go up for two years and that I would never be under contract. They agents are unprofessional and pretend to not understand.

Below is the best way to contact DirecTV customer service. Beware of the phone calls from customer service reps trying to offer you 3mths free to upgrade b/c If you are grandfathered in a package, you can not go back to what you were locked in at. CREDIT AGAINST THE CURRENT MONTH EVEN THOUGH I CALLED ON THE 1 ST OF THE MONTH. Customer Service Representatives earn between $22,880. Customer service and client acquisition.

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Hopefully for AT&T, executives will wake up and smell disaster, otherwise DirecTV Now might not have many subscribers in a year’s time. I am also canceling my business account with your affiliate, #AT&T as a result of your terrible customer service and shifting all of my lines to #Verizon. I am going to get out of this contract, only because they screwed up placing the account in my ex husbands name.

And you'll spend most of your days calling and complaining without any help. Assuming that the vast majority of those are in response to complaints, that’s a lot of unhappy customers. At DISH we work tirelessly to identify your needs in home entertainment and provide you the best solutions in our products and services.

Please Save yourself the time, money and energy. Please do not use Direct TV if you still have a chance they made me sign a contract. Please stay away from DIRECT TV. Raise your bill, remove channels and your once great service @ a reasonable price turns into an unrealistic monthly bill w/less channels.

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Y'all suck worse than spunktrum. You can cancel email alerts at any time.

Rd of all, they told me they no longer had issues with the weather that they don't carry those big bulky things that they put on your house anymore that very rarely does the TV go out well that is a bunch of crick. Regret signing up with this company. Roll over stars, then click to rate. SHABBY BAIT AND SWITCH BUSINESS ETHICS. Sharing your knowledge with our growing customer base comes with many rewards.

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They are a bunch of shady con artist that charge you something different every month and never have an explanation for it. They came into my house and gave me a wireless gene that I now have to pay $100 for plus the other bills on top of that. They installed everything and the service itself is fine. They lie in order to sell. They obviously DO NOT value loyal customers because again they want to replace my faulty equipment with the same junk that is malfunctioning!

  1. "Have I tried turning it off, and then back on again".
  2. "well I guess it's not really worth it now is it, since you are cancelling".
  3. I can understand his point but it's in the way he said that translated basically meant, "well, since you are cancelling we are going to milk you for as much as you can because well, we can hold you hostage for the next month and few days. I finally was able to contact a chat and they gave me the same numbers to call. I have had to call every month because my bill is always something different!

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    DIRECTV provides faulty equipment then wants to charge you for an upgrade even when you already pay for their "protection" plan! Dec 2016 the audio cut out on our DirecTV reciever every time we rented a movie, and so they sent us another one. Direct TV has been shot to hell since merging w/money, hungry AT&T.

    The rep tells me No, there are none available and will not be available because they are short staffed (very unprofessional). The third rep I spoke with, Kelsey, gets on the line. The way to see for yourself how badly AT&T’s train has derailed is the DirecTV Now Twitter support account. Their own technician told us the equipment we had been given was outdated and should no longer be used! Then we were told to press a button on the box.

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    She put me on hold and states well there is a wait and even so there is nothing that can be done. She responds I understand but your services will remain off until you pay $104. She than placed me on hold after 15mins of waiting the phone suddenly disconnected. She's the ultimate reason I am canceling.

    In the meantime, AT&T’s execs appear to be rearranging deck chairs. Instead of reading the 5 pages of fine print, I trusted these men. It took forever to talk to someone and then they told me it would be fixed by the end of the day. It was the worse provider then and it still is. JUST ONE MORE REASON WHY NOT TO DO BUSINESS WITH DIRECT TV. Last year, it took me multiple calls, being rerouted numerous times to finally get upgraded equipment.

    On 7/10/17, I contacted contacted customer service through chat to request a payment arrangement. On 7/17/17 at 5:15am I turn on my tv to discover my services were shut off. One of our latest devices and a service plan. Or you can write a review to share with other customers. PART TIME SALES SUPPORT REPRESENTATIVE). Phone numbers are always busy and when they answer you are not able to talk to a live person.

    Loyal, I mean loyal customer. Meer informatie, zoals over hoe je je instellingen kunt aanpassen, vind je hier:. Months to 1 year of customer service/sales experience preferred. Moral of the story is get everything in writing, you can't trust what they say. Nothing but a money pit. Nothing hapoened so I called back. Now I've been on hold for well over an hour to reschedule!

    AND THEY WOULD CANCEL THE EXTRA CHANNELS. AT&T’s streaming service is off to a rough start.

    America’s Top 120 has 190 channels for $49. And HE DID NOT SIGN UP. And that a rep cannot make an extension like that because the policy only allows 5 days.

    After the initial launch giddiness, the service has had major service problems including crashing apps, apps not loading, the wrong channels being shown in regions, and the much-vaunted 72-hour rewind service not functioning at all. After we sent our original receiver back and hooked up our new one, we couldn't get past the "call this number to activate your new receiver" screen. All offers require credit qualification, 2-Year commitment with early termination fee and eAutoPay.

    And when I asked how, they did tell me that they probably got thecinformation from my prior provider "WOW" so actually, thanks for the trial, Direct TV is no different today in 2017 than they were back in 2009, so honestly to all the customers out there like I've said I've had them in the past and I have them now and they are no different it is the worst service you can ever imagine so once I get out of this contract I will be contacting wow back to get my service I had with them I guess to pay a little bit more money beats than constantly losing my service and paying for something that I never get.

    This lasted for 2 days. Tip: Enter your city or zip code in the "where" box to show results in your area. To our knowledge, DIRECTV asks its customers to review their experience on Trustpilot. Today I was able to cancel and they tell me that I have to pay a fee of $480.

    I just got off the phone with the service the department. I lost half a day of work. I never gave my consent for them to install the gene and now I have to pay the price for it.

    A year later, my bill went up $60.

    Als je op de website klikt of op de website navigeert, ga je ermee akkoord dat we op en buiten Facebook informatie verzamelen via cookies. Also, if u have a complaint you do not get an English speaking person but if you want to cancel service you get an American. Although this is America, we do business like third world countries now.

    I then called at 7am once directv was available and spoke with the first of three reps. I then decided to contact the chat customer service just to see 1 last time if someone will assist me. I then hang up the call and contact customer service again hoping to get another call center and another rep that is willing to help. I then take her name and inform her I will be putting in a complaint.

    • To our knowledge, this company doesn’t invite its customers to write reviews on Trustpilot.
    • Stay away from this company!
    • I tell her I have the chat transcript showing what the rep promised me.
    • Is this the way they try to get $99 dollars.?
    • Do not believe anything the Direct Tv reps tell you.
    (SO THEY SAY) So once again I gave them a try.

    The loyalty department gave me a $20 discount (but not starting until the next billing cycle) and said basically laughing. The menu wasn't working. The only reason I went back is because a lot of cable providers were getting really expensive after talking to an AT&T provider they claim they took over DirecTV and since back then they have really came to be the best. The other 3 reps were horrendous and rude.

    Iit can drizzle outside and I lose my TV I am constantly losing my internet I do not get rewinds on ANY MOVIE OR it comes up cannot connect to the internet when I'm actually am connected This TV has not worked since the day I purchased DirecTV and let me tell you the biggest issue don't even try calling DirecTV customer service, there in one big room where everybody is talking to a thousand customers so not only can you not understand these people that don't speak English you can't even hear them because you hear everybody else.

    Tap stars to rate 1 star: Bad – unacceptable experience, unreasonable and rude conduct. Terrible COSTUMER SERVICE totally NON-EXISTENT. The 72 hours is not yet up as of this writing, but I am not holding my breath. The customer service stinks and the bill is a continual climb. The local technicians will never come on time and very unprofessional.

    Access Trustpilot's free tools for businesses and start getting closer to your customers today! After a few moments she has me check my services and everything appears to be back on. After speaking with people from different countries no less than six times, with no change to my service, I gave up.

    Fastly error: unknown domain mobile. First off, Patrice, a supervisor in customer service, ID#09687 was absolutely the least helpful customer service agent I've ever had to deal with. For an hour and a half, I was laughed at and repeatedly told that "you should have read your contract" by reps. For each month not used.

    Simply claim your company now. Since merging with AT&T, the telephone reps have repeatedly lied to me regarding appointment times and packages then I have to take half a day off work so the installer can tell me he can't install the satellite dish on a fence (where I already have one) or on my roof. Stars: Excellent – no reservations, I would recommend this company to anyone. Stay away from these crooks. Surprisingly, DirecTV had no log of any customer service calls or complaints.

    If you're already in a chat conversation with a rep from DirecTV and aren't getting anywhere, you might want to have one of our pros take a shot on your behalf.

    I'm paying $70 for their crap basic channel line up. I'm trying to send back this equipment to DirecTTv and get a final bill so that I can pay it my daughter's credit isn't affected. If I want the junk upgraded, I have to pay for it DESPITE the fact that we already pay for their "protection" plan. If anything prices keep rising and service and plans get worse.

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    Direct Tv employed people to sign up new business in a Walmart. Dissatisfied with any other company as DIRECT TV. Do Not sign up for direct tv the Reps that have assisted us are rude, unprofessional and disrespectful. Do not select Direct Tv as your cable provider. FS1 or other channels you can get at SlingTV for $20 to $30?

    Upgrade your whole-home experience with amazing value, technology and service that's miles ahead of the competition. VERY WRONG AND MISLEADING! Very unethical company in my opinion. WHEN I SIGNED U;P FOR DIRECT TV THEY ALWAYS WANT TO ADD ALL THE EXTRA CHANNELS FOR FREE FOR 3 MOS. Want more channels at a great value? We are switching to Xfinity as soon as our contract expires (not soon enough for us! We catalog the best ways through tough customer service issues.

    They told us that if we take all our old equipment with us they would give us a 12 month contract. They went on and on and finally they said someone has to come out and it will cost. They were also rude. This has been the absolute worst customer service I have ever had!

    I signed up for an $80 package with free HBO Cinemax and Starz my first bill turned out to be a 200 some dollar bill since December of 2017 I have been arguing with these people to correct my bill not only is the bill not in my name they put it in my ex-husbands name I've been fighting with them to change the account I've also asked them how did they get his information saying he did not even sign up for it. I then ask to speak to a supervisor. I then ask to speak to a supervisor.

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