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Download iMessage Chat APK (Not available in Google Play) Latest Version 1. Download iMessage Chat apk 1. And history version for Android developed by daniel zweigart - Download iMessage Chat apk latest version. IMessage, the popular instant messaging service known from the iPhone, iPad and Macs is now also.

  1. And if you own an Android device, and you want to get in touch with an Apple user that badly, just send them a text message.
  2. Apk file for Android:.
  3. As a long time iPhone and Mac user I missed the seamless experience sending and receive messages when I moved to Android.
  4. Best alternative to other SMS syncing apps since SMS for iChat works natively with your Mac via the iMessage app.
  5. But again, the app could potentially result in a malware infection on your Android device, so we highly recommend against using this app.
  6. No way to shut that off it seems, other than write an Automator script on my Mac to deal with them. On top of this, many people are reporting that they in the first place. Once you download the app, you will create an account. Otherwise, it's a really well-made app that so far has worked better than all the others so far. Overall this is a great app, but is very overpriced especially considering that there are still some inherent flaws with it.

    Future, we will update full feature with UI like ỉphònẽ Message app. GIVE ME ALL YOUR INFOS!

    Great for Android / Apple hybrid users. Having troubles with the app? Huge let down with those. I am able to text on my phone when I am in the field and on my Mac when I am in the studio. I can now still get my texts on my Macbook.

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    But then I noticed I was getting the same popup on my screen.Can't say enough good things about this app, but I'll be sure to update as I go!Click on the above link to proceed to the apk file download page or app buy page.

    Provider, support: funny sms, emoticons emoji, sticky, stickers emoticons. Reinstalled the free version and the SAME ad popped up again. Report Spam SMS messenger, funny sms. SMS for iChat is developed by MDRS, LLC and is not in any way affiliated with Apple, Inc.

    I really love my Mac, but I don't think I'll ever be able to switch to an iPhone so it gives me the ability to use both. I recently migrated over from iPhone, after nearly a decade. I think I now know the answer -- because they've been developing their own Airtext macOS app! I think that's fair enough.

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    This app is great when it works! This app is the only reason I'm staying with Android, I'm so glad I came across this! This app works really well! This is a pretty good alternative. This is a really solid app.

    In order to do this, developer Jay Freeman (better known as ‘saurik’) noted that the app routes your information and message request through the app before sending it to Apple. Io or check out our for help. It could be a little more robust with sending or receiving images, but it accomplishes what it says it will! It is simple and easy to use, but recently I often get errors that my message was not delivered, seconds after sending one that worked.

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    This is the only platform that allows you to text using iChat. This tool is an absolute Godsend. This was a bad mistake for my company to invest in them! This was a bad mistake for my company to invest in them! This ãpplẹ message app is free, let’s download and experience new style text messages. Touch " YES" when display message dialog "Change text messages SMS messenger app?

    My phone connection is fine, so this seems a bit wonky to me. No need to install another app on your Mac. No need to rely on browser extensions.

    It's not a problem that hinders my use (I was really just asking if something was possible), but it felt like getting me to buy the app was more important than answering my question. Keep up the great work - I am in for life! Many people like text Messages sms app of phone 7, but they using android device and can't install ảpplé Message app, don't worry, we already have Messenger style OS 10. Messages you send on Mac show up on your phone as well. My old app allowed 500 free messages a month.

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    Thanks to, and for featuring us! That sounds sketchy as hell. That’s a great idea, but you probably shouldn’t download it. That’s because it sounds like one big security risk. The biggest flaw is not being able to send multimedia messages, but hopefully that will come in a future update. The functionality on the mac is great, it sends notifications in real time.

    Everything else out there doesn't work as effectively.

    Images are poorly handled, and I don't like the silly tagine on every text forwarded to my Mac, I don't need to look at 500 tag line advertisements a day, especially when I paid for it. Imessage apk was available on the above link. In addition to these security flaws, the app requires you to sign in with a working. In fact, I’m not even going to link to it here.

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    I don't think there's a way around that considering how many text I receive, but I may update my review if more granular settings become available such as setting times for message sync. I downloaded to try the app. I have sent ten emails to support in the past month and have not received one reply. I like this app, but for the basic version only allowing 5 texts per day is kind of. I love how it brings native support to my phone/MacBook rather than some janky mirroring option.

    I would really love to see a phone call aspect added as an additional app. I'm excited to see how it improves overtime. I'm just complaining because I can't afford the pay right now so really I won't be using the app until I get a job.

    SMS for iChat securely routes your text messages between your Mac and your Android phone. SMS for iChat will allow you to send & receive up to 5 messages per day, for free. SMS messages coming and going from macOS Sierra are routed through my Moto X Pure (and other Android devices I own).

    Good post though, I’ll have to really take a look at my mobile security, I try not to run any aps that run online. Good service, but unclear how to cancel subscription/recurring payments, which is sketchy. Great app for Android & Mac users. Great app works great.

    1. And begin to experience the style message like message of phone 7 More features are coming soon for this music player Please support and follow us to the updated version better.
    2. And if you already have, you should consider changing both your Google and your Apple ID passwords.
    3. I love that I can still use the Messages app on my Mac like normal. I love that I don't have to text in a browser window like I did with a couple of the other apps. I realized quickly how much I missed being able to use messages on my laptop to text.

      IMessage for Android app has code to download APKs in the background? IMessage is a proprietary protocol developed by Apple, Inc. IOS developer Adam Bell took a close look at the code and discovered that the app works by. If that changes, I'll modify my review. If you are an iPhone user and you want to shift to Android due to its advanced features when compared to iOS but you was using iMessages and all your contacts. If youre willing to pay for the premiun, its worth it.

      Do not depend on this for communication and getting help on troubleshooting when problems arise.Does exactly what it promises.Does exactly what it promises.
      1. A year as another review appears to suggest.
      2. Alll with very little fuss (a basic understanding of how to configure a Jabber account in the Messages.
      3. Alll with very little fuss (a basic understanding of how to configure a Jabber account in the Messages.
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        Sad to see you are posting false claims without actually doing a research. So far, it has been a wonderful experience and I look forward to using the app in the future. So if you haven’t downloaded the app you’d be wise to steer clear. T guy for 15 years that I am wrong! TERRIBLE, i dont mind paying for the service but 149 dollars for lifetime usage for an app we dont even know how long they will keep updating is ABSURD. Tab to see info of the contact and call directly.

        Two stars off for two different reasons. Use iMessage (iChat) app on your Mac to send & receive text messages through your Android phone #. Very pleased with this app. We have also improved the battery usage of the app so that it only works when you send or receive a text message, therefore SMS for iChat has minimal battery impact on your phone! Works seamlessly with sms and mms.

        The reason I take off two stars is because my experience with support has been abysmal. The three star rating has to do with it easily being my biggest battery draining app. There’s a lot of internet buzz about a new app in Google(s goog) Play called iMessage Chat, that lets your Android device communicate with Apple(s aapl) owners through Apple’s proprietary system. They can grab your AppleID and password! This app brought "a childlike sense of wonder" to my Android devices, thank you.

        I tried running scans and nothing would find it. I use this to communicate withy employees. I will update my review as I use it more. I wish the app would stay logged in instead of requiring sign in every time my Mac goes to sleep.

        It seems to be working now, but have had issues w it in the last. It worked great for the first two days then crashed after they received my payment. It would appear they have to charge something to run the Jabber/SMS servers that make the app work. It's a MUST have if you text avidly from your iMac or MacBook. It's also the only one that works for me.

        Please contact our 24/7 support team at support@mdrs. Price is a little steep as well. Probably one of the top reasons I'd ever consider getting an iPhone is the convenience of iMessage.

        Would like to see a fix to it saying "sent from android" and just have it show that it sent from you, but that seems difficult. You can then add your account onto the iMessage app using the step by step instructions provided in the app. You'll need a Mac computer to integrate your Android texts with iMessage app. Your messages are stored encrypted and automatically removed after 3 days.

        • Anyway did I mention that it works?
        • A 3rd-party iMessage app was just released on Android; I believe all data sent from/to Apple is resent to/from China for processing: beware.
        • Made the switch to Android after using iOS since 2008.
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        Furthermore, the app likely sends your unscrambled Apple ID and password to the third-party server, as well – meaning you could be handing over access to your Apple account and all the payment data that goes with it, if you use this app with your regular Apple ID.
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