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I was always tought that when you say goodbye the correct way to say is "It was nice meeting you", but i continually hear "It was nice to meet. I heard someone say "it was nice to meeting you" the other day. I thought it was "it was nice meeting you" (without "to") for a long time, because I. Well, the first thing I must point out is that neither of these sentences are correct without an 'a' in them.

These sentences come from external sources and may not be accurate. They were "It was really nice meeting you, hopefully we can do something again soon. This is said at the moment you shake hands, usually after the other person has said his name. This sort of stuff is really helpful.

Look at, not responsible for anything, it's alllllll about how everyone else sucks! Make plans for a specific day, texting back and forth every day leading up to it, day comes, she disappears never to be heard from again. Make sure it's not also their last. Malika Favre can’t be put in a box. Meet you not-in-person.

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  • There are also lots of other things you can say, and with many of them the first meeting/later meetings situation is less clear.
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"Nice to meet all of you" has a slight emphasis on "all of you". "We should do this again sometime!

I have X that night, but maybe after? I have also read: "Do not use 'have met' unless they were your host and you are writing a thank you note. I have done a lot of dating and had this scenario happen a lot and it never worked out for me. I have no time to interpret fucking code. I haven't noticed that, ladybug, but I always say "Nice to meet you" when I meet someone for the first time and "Nice meeting you" before parting with the person.

A less used version is, "I'm tired, I have to head out. Aaaaand then a month later texted me the amounts for that dinner and the one previously mentioned that I owed her. Add a link to this page, or visit. AdrianHHH: Where are you from?

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Answer B makes me think that Tom is perhaps saying good-bye after meeting the person for the first time. As for whether you should use "to meet" or "meeting", it makes no difference. Avant tout, des cafetiers étaient gentils et sympas. Better than waking up with a searing pain in your back, sitting in a bloody bathtub full of ice with one of your kidneys and half your liver missing. Blur out the faces of anyone who isn't you. Both are correct and used.

But I do like the continuous-tense sense of "It was nice meeting you" better. But besides that, it is used in more formal writing? But this is the crucial moment when people will form their first impression of you. By posting your answer, you agree to the and. Can you imagine meeting face-to-face at a party, turning to a mutual friend and saying, "Oh yeah, we e-met"?

I like meeting new people, even if I don't want to date them. I love it when a guy schedules more time to hang out with me, and then ghosts. I met somebody for the first time two days ago and the next day he sent a message on Facebook in which he said, "Thank you" and I replied "You're welcome!

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You are conveying whom you feel it was nice to meet. You are going out of your way not to presume something about our relationship. Your browser (Internet Explorer 6) is no longer supported, though you may still be able to view some of the site. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account?

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After the third date she said she wasn't feeling any romantic connection and I never saw her again, so. Agreed; in my experience when women want to pay their share AND yours, it's rarely a good sign. All my second dates have been after first dates that ended in a hug. And yet, for some, concision is abandoned entirely when emailing someone for the first time. AnonymousNice meeting you is in GERUND form whereas nice to meet you is in infinitive form.

So, I wanted to give this song and artists justice and went back and properly rendered it to 16:9 HD because I didn't know how to do that when I first got the editor. Sometimes "you're cute" just means you're cute, asshole. Sounds petty, but i'm usually right using that as a barometer. Subreddit:aww site:imgur. Suggests an emphasis on the length of dealing with them by mail and not meeting face-to-face: 'It was great to meet you at last.

  1. " After we've both declined another drink.
  2. " Followed by either a pause or some stammering and then a reason why they can't.
  3. " Or something like "text me when you get home.
  4. Have a suggestion, idea, or comment? Have a suggestion, idea, or comment? Haven't been wrong yet. However, it's a bit old-fashioned.

    It's remarkable how accurate of an indicator this has been. It's telling that even the classic America Online voice said "you've got mail" when users signed in all those years ago -- "e-" was unnecessary even in the dial-up days. It's the "maybe" that is usually the giveaway. J'ai visité ce café à Hoi an par hasard, mais j'adorais ça! Laura, let me introduce you to my father. Let's be friends because I am sick of having my words misinterpreted at every turn.

    Is there any phrase you've heard that you've come to realize as being the proverbial writing on the wall after a first meet? It seemed OK to me, but maybe other phrases are better. It was a pleasure to have met you. It was a pleasure to meet you.

    Perhaps follow by the slightly old-fashioned 'Hoe maakt u het? Point is, people seem to put way too much weight what someone says during departing. Puts the emphasis on the actual meeting: 'It was great meeting you and discussing the photos. Say this when you meet someone for the first time, but say it at the end of the encounter. Separate names with a comma. She paid for the meal and we went back to her place and banged for a few hours.

    It was nice meeting you, Tom. It was nice meeting you. It was nice to meet him. It was nice to meet you.

    I usually go for a kiss on the cheek, at least. I was always tought that when you say goodbye the correct way to say is "It was nice meeting you", but i continually hear "It was nice to meet you " in films, so is it correct or not? I was always tought that when you say goodbye the correct way to say is "It was nice meeting you", but i continually hear "It was nice to meet you " in films, so is it correct or not? I'd like to hear your thoughts.

    This was one way for me to actually act on that decision. This would be my answer too. To download and subscribe to Nice To Meet You by Tobias van Schneider, get iTunes now. TripAdvisor LLC is not a booking agent and does not charge any service fees to users of our site. USE THE EXACT WORDS I WANT TO HEAR. Vague promises with even vaguer dates attached.

    One positive is you find out right then. Other than that, these are all correct and reasonably idiomatic. Over the course of years and hundreds of dates on OkC, I have come to recognize this phrase, more than any other, as spelling my doom following a first date and letting me know in no uncertain terms that it's over. People could say the same shit you just did and you never hear from them again so what the fuck is the difference?

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    "Aangenaam kennis te maken" is another way to say the phrase.
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    I always insist on paying my half or the whole check, depending on my mood (aka bank account balance). I am not happy with 'nice' though. I am pleased to have met you. I can think of a few examples where I heard this and it wasn't the end though. I don't know, if I've committed to something but REALLY want to see someone, sometimes I'll overload a night that way. I feel if you really did enjoy meeting them and wanted to see them again, you wouldn't say "it was nice meeting you.

    Mine were before even meeting up, so consider yourself lucky for a face to face rejection. Minutes after meeting the Big Dog, Nelly, 33, excitedly took to Twitter to message the silverhaired pooch, posting: "Hey Pudsey you're pretty cute; nice meeting you. Mucho gusto Patricia, yo soy Saúl.

    My point is that if they don't kiss me I know its over not if they do kiss me I know it went great. Nice to meet you, Rosa. Of course, there's also the relatively recent woman I went on a few dates with that was let's just say "appalled" that I would actually let her pay for a meal when A) she offered before I could say anything B) insisted when I suggested we split it, as I had paid for drinks earlier in the night. Oh sorry I already have plans this week.

    I'm pretty sure noone is going to relate to this because it's a very specific aspect of French culture, but at the end of the date when we say goodbye and we do the thing where you kiss on the cheeks ("la bise") and she makes a fifteen kilometer arc with her head in between the two kisses to make sure you won't try to go in for a kiss. I've said it and gone on a string of subsequent dates. I've said this and wanted to meet someone again (they faded).

    That's because I think it's such a "formal greeting", not a "real feeling of having met someone you like". That's how the phrase is used in other contexts as well. The only way it could be more conclusive is to hear a booming voice say, FLAWLESS VICTORY. The subject of 'Nice to meet you' is 'it' but it's usually dropped. The use of these expressions is quite idiomatic.

    "Let me text you this week about going to the museum we talked about!"Leuk je te ontmoeten" is another close-ish way to say "Nice to meet you"."Nice to meet ALL of you" sounds a little more natural than "NICE to meet all of you".
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    Cease that search for the exact equivalent between your language's "Nice to meet you" in native Dutch. Censor any name that is not yours. Com find submissions from "example. Date talking into their phone: "Siri, what the best way to fake your own death? Discover and share new music, movies, TV, books, and more. Don't even know whether I was taught that way or have just picked it up over the years. Either way is fine, but one is leading to a second date and one is not.

    If this question can be reworded to fit the rules in the, please. If you are the owner of this site, please visit for network updates or open a ticket from within your account. If you are unable to open a ticket, please contact us via. In most cases they seem interchangeable, but I think there is a very slight difference in emphasis. Is there any difference between these two?

    " You would probably say something along the lines of "I had a great/fun time." which translates to "don't ever talk to me again b/c I've already deleted your number!

    That said, last time I was that enthusiastic I was talking about overloading so I could see them before the date we'd already planned. That was what was so weird the last time it happened. That's a pretty big writing on the wall for me.

    Then again, I also follow it up with something else such as meeting again. Then could you explain why (b) is the correct answer in the following question? Therefore when somebody tells you "Nice to meet you", you wouldn't definetely say anything which could seem negative in the same way as a reply. These days when someone says "let's do X sometime" I immediately pull out my calendar and schedule it, otherwise it simply won't happen.

    "nice to meet all of you" means that you have met each person individually. ' Nice meeting you' is merely a complimentary farewell, and carries no implications beyond that. ' The emphasis again is on actuality. 'Hey, so, thanks for coming out to meet me on Tuesday. (Said when leaving someone whose acquaintance you have just made.

    If she returns the compliment, alarm starts going off that she's not interested. If they like me they will always kiss me. If they say thanks and get quiet or change the subject, based on experience there's a 95 percent chance I'm dead in the water. If they say thanks and get quiet or change the subject, there's a 95 percent chance I'm dead in the water.

    I say it because it's a polite thing to say to someone you just met. I think it's just a generic and acceptable closer. I think that's the point. I try not to go overboard with the physical compliments, but at some point I'll always say, "you look great tonight," or something to that effect.

    Very old fashioned people would answer back with 'Insgelijks' (Likewise). Want to thank TFD for its existence? We are unable to find iTunes on your computer. Well then what the hell are people supposed to say? When we want to say nice to meet you to many people, I often hear people say “nice to meet you all” and seldom hear “nice to meet all of you”.

    With a little delay, here it is! Women basically refuse to give a physical compliment to me unless they're interested in making out with me. Yeah, "It was nice meeting you" is never a good ending. Yeah, that "hopefully we can do something again soon" seems to embody the stupid word play that goes on in this situation. You are conveying how you feel about the people you met.

    Eventually you can make time to do something you really want to do. For the response to be 'me too' the subject of the preceding sentence should be 'I'. Get the weekly newsletter!

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