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When generating or responding to ideas, participants assume the persona of the. Any time someone crushes another person's idea (e. Some innovative leaders have found ways to make meetings a little more bearable.

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  1. (A “bull’s eye” signaled high impact.
  2. A financial services company identified 23 potential initiatives to support its strategic goals, adding them to 19 existing initiatives.
  3. A simple piece of equipment may take a load off of an entire department.
  4. After a review of customer survey and marketplace data, participants were asked to vote anonymously, on a scale of one to ten, on how well the company responds to customers.
  5. After that, we'll look at some meeting templates designed to promote creative thinking in the workplace.
  6. Starting with the existing 19, the facilitator asked the group to decide on which, if any, of the five high-level objectives each initiative would make the greatest impact. Strategic off-sites are where the most important conversations for the future of the business occur. Strategy frameworks are plentiful: SWOT analysis, McKinsey’s 7-S model, the Boston Consulting Group’s growth-share matrix, Porter’s five-forces model, and Kaplan and Norton’s balanced scorecard, to name only a few.

    The exercise separated the conversation about individual initiatives from specific executives’ political ties—helping participants axe low-impact initiatives without offending those who originated the ideas. The human collective is much more creative than one person working alone, because employees' individual experiences bump up against one another, forming new associations and revealing intriguing possibilities.

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    Turn up on time and ready to go - rather than ten minutes late and yawning because you've been 'busy'. Uncovering such divergences in perceptions is the first step toward alignment. Unfortunately, too many of the meetings we attend seem to be just the opposite. Unlike a regular meeting, this is a more exciting way to give everyone an opportunity to stay current with each other’s goals and activities.

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    Instead of trying to increase sales, why not consider how you could decrease them? Instead of wallowing in data and hundreds of PowerPoint slides, the executives moved quickly into a discussion of the issues of highest importance with the most disagreement, guided by the vivid visual evidence. Instruct the participants to stand in a circle, shoulder to shoulder. Investing hours in a passionate discussion without reaching a conclusion can dissipate the energy needed to carry on the work.

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    The meeting's tone is typically set by the person conducting it, so to have a positive meeting, you must consider the content and your presentation. The number and identity of invitees should be based on the scope and objectives of the meeting. The objective of the game is to untangle everyone without breaking the circle. The scope of the matters discussed at a strategy off-site is broader than at the typical management meeting.

    You might learn about issues you were unaware of and hear new ideas, and employees feel more positive when their opinions are valued.

    In either case, start by inviting a management team that is accustomed to meeting regularly—the C-level executives, for example, or, if the meeting is a business unit session, the unit head and direct reports—rather than cobbling together a unique roster. In the course of an off-site, the company’s executive team developed 23 additional potential initiatives, for a total of 42.

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    They did that relatively easily and resolved to prioritize the remaining opportunities at a later date—a conclusion that maintained the momentum of the off-site, despite the inability to deal with all 12 possibilities in the time available. This activity is particularly beneficial when. This article offers ten tips to help you take advantage of this valuable collaboration time with your team. This brain teaser is funny and really works on teambuilding, problem solving and communication.

    Encourage participants to come to the meeting prepared to stretch their bodies and their minds as a way to challenge team-building, brainstorming and interpersonal bonding. Ever wondered how to make them? Express Employment Professionals is a leading staffing provider in the U. Expressing a strong opinion early in a discussion is the fastest way to shut down the conversation. Give each group a goodie bag.

    Most would agree with what a senior vice president at an Internet company said about his last strategy off-site: “It simply left no fingerprints on the business. No matter who actually runs it, the business leader convenes it, helps design it, and ultimately will be measured by its results. Now tell everyone to put their left hand in the air and grab the hand of a different person.

    The best managers understand the importance of these events, and they understand that producing a great meeting takes planning and deliberate effort. The best plans specify roles, responsibilities, and milestones, and define metrics and reporting frequencies. The details of implementation will be forthcoming, but executives shouldn’t leave the off-site before they’ve captured the meeting’s outcomes in one page of prose. The difference is in how the meetings are planned and run.

    The worst meetings bring time to a crawl leaving everyone mentally and emotionally exhausted and more than a little bit frustrated. There is no shortage of advice for leaders about how to conduct a meeting. There is, in effect, the congressman from Sales, the senator from Finance, and the ambassador from Operations.

    Use team meetings to collaborate. We’ve distilled some best practices from our experience that meeting designers can use to make the most of this annual opportunity. What does matter is that people write messages on it for a set period of time, brainstorming a solution to a problem. What they can do for you, but more about what they can do for each other, and this is integral to team building.

    By divorcing the conversation about individual initiatives from the political ties of specific executives, team members can evaluate the relevance of each project to their ultimate aims. Can use any type of small candy also. Canada, and South Africa. Each bore a single word or phrase, such as “culture,” “knowledge of the customer,” or “speed to market. Each represents powerful constituencies in the body politic of the organization. Encourage meeting participants to break into small groups.

    People think that if you schedule a meeting, invite top leaders (and perhaps an outside expert), and block off units of time to discuss big subjects, the rest will take care of itself. Put a little variety in the format. Seriously, if staff can't have a laugh with you then you're doing it wrong. Silence doesn't necessarily mean that someone doesn't have any good ideas; often they're just shy and wary of being shouted down.

    And give them a “fact book”—a compilation of just enough relevant data about your company and its external environment—and insist they read it ahead of time.And there are myriad other, perhaps less-familiar, techniques.As anyone who’s been anesthetized by a hundred PowerPoint slides at a strategy off-site can testify, too many companies wrongly believe that strategy conversations follow naturally from copious data.

    If we’re going to be together, we’re going to be problem solving or making decisions, not having ten people going through decks of PowerPoint slides,” says Tom Wilson, the company’s president and COO. If you read our recent article on, you'll know that creative people have an almost universal tendency to daydream - which is certainly no bad thing. If your executive team spends four days a year rafting down rivers together, you’ll eventually get good at rafting down rivers.

    Invite meeting participants to write their ideas on a piece of paper, roll it up, put it inside a balloon and blow the balloon up. It doesn’t require much time and the recommended group size is 10-20 people. It is imperative that you develop the discipline to plan and lead meetings that people value and push initiatives forward. It’s your job to plan and run the meeting. Keep track of action items and make sure people do what they say they are going to do.

    All you need for this activity is a beach ball that’s been divided with random questions written on it.Always give meetings an end time as well as a start time, and again, stick to it.

    Once that’s done, ask them to count the number of squares they each have. Optional step: groups can vote for which group they thought had the best performance. Participants constructed credible but not obvious scenarios featuring complex sequences of events and radical discontinuities in markets. People appreciate found time as well.

    Working from the current state to the extremes, Monster’s executives engaged in valuable discussion about the intermediate points. Yet despite the high price tag, most off-sites don’t generate strategic priorities that galvanize corporate performance. You could even turn it into a mini-barbeque!

    If a weekly meeting isn't realistic for your company, consider holding weekly scrums with different teams or organizing cross-team scrums. If most companies have too many participants, they have too few off-site sessions—usually restricting the meeting to an affair lasting two to three consecutive days.

    When people placed their individual bets again, the chips fell more uniformly, and a significant number migrated to a previous outlier, thanks to a persuasive argument by its backer. When the property and casualty unit of Allstate Insurance was planning its annual strategy off-site three years ago, executives made a conscious choice about what to focus their energies on. Where there was nearly unanimous agreement, the executives wasted little time in conversation.

    • Follow-through begins right at the end of the off-site.
    • He not only genuinely believes in its merits but also worries that killing it could adversely affect his department, his career, or the perception of his power in the organization.
    • The momentum of the discussion.

    At an off-site designed to generate ideas for trumping new competitors, online jobs bank Monster.

    Managing those invisible currents is critical if you want to make real progress. Many off-sites derail because the meeting designer lacked the discipline to restrict the scope and number of issues to be considered. Minute to win it game; How many marshmallows can you pick up with chopsticks game. Most companies would have started at the top of the list of 42 initiatives and asked individuals to make the arguments for keeping or killing each one.

    Of all the meetings top executives go to in a year, none is more important than the strategy off-site, where the most essential conversations for the future of the business occur. Off-sites collectively cost U. Once everyone is present, call out random numbers drawn from a hat.

    The team also worked toward defining overarching strategic objectives and, near the end of the meeting, agreed on five: Develop a top tier product suite; profitably grow share of wallet with sales and distribution partners; improve scale, effectiveness, and efficiency; relentlessly improve cost structure; and develop and retain talent. The two will sit down and learn three to five interesting facts about one another.

    In the midst of a passionate discussion, we were able to be brutally honest but nonconfrontational by referencing something from the reading,” says Duffy Smith, senior vice president for Rich Products, a food company based in Buffalo, New York. Instead of concentrating on their individual functional areas, participants must take an organization-wide perspective and synthesize information drawn from disparate areas of the firm.

    Talking about what, when, and why? Team Building activitiesfamily reunion games, back to school, youth activities. That’s why it can be helpful to quantify participants’ views, gathered through interviews or surveys, before the meeting. That’s why the card sort exercise worked so well at Experian: When opinions are presented as data, as opposed to one person’s likes or dislikes, topics are depersonalized and participants are better able to steer through political minefields safely.

    Bill Gisel, COO of Rich Products, explains: “You have to make sure you don’t walk out of the meeting and simply forget everything you’ve just done. Breaking up the meeting gives team members time to take the results of the initial session back to their constituents. Breakthroughs that are part of every startup story. But experience shows that this rarely helps move the meeting forward.

    Going around the circle, each person has to share a fact about themselves for every square of toilet paper or penny they took. Great back to school ice breaker: get to know you game idea. Have the participants stand in a circle and begin tossing the ball around. He is also the author of (Jossey-Bass, 2012) and and four Harvard Business Review articles, including (June 2006). I was skeptical that the exercise was too simplistic,” says USERS’ president, John Schooler.

    This exercise will encourage communication among the participants. This exercise will help the participants learn more about their colleagues. This increases transparency and trust in leadership. To give a strategy legs, the company’s executives must first agree on an action plan that specifies roles, responsibilities, milestones, metrics, and reporting frequencies.

    At the outset, we advise the meeting owner to downplay his authority. Before the end of the meeting, ensure that everyone goes away understanding a stated goal and the exact nature of any deliverables they need to produce. Big Ideas Are Sometimes Powerful Ideas by Alan Kay: Kay theorizes that a big idea is just an idea, but a powerful idea is a big idea that someone acted upon.

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    As the leader, it’s your meeting.As we often remind clients, in many cases strategy is more a matter of defining what you aren’t going to do than deciding what you are going to do.Ask for input on the agenda.

    Someone needs to check that everyone is holding the hands of two different people and that no one is holding the hand of someone who’s standing directly next to them. Speed to market,” for example, might be defined differently by different executives—an important discovery in itself. Spend four days a year having well-designed strategy conversations together, and you will transform your annual off-site from a meaningless junket into a genuine turning point for your business.

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