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Mature singles trust www. Com for the best in 50 plus dating. Here, older singles connect for love and companionship. OurTime Dating - #1 App for Flirting, Messaging, and Meeting Local Single Senior Men and Senior Women. The largest subscription dating site for singles over.

This sounds like lawsuit all over it! To buy 110 tokens, it will cost you $4 and to buy 280 tokens, it will cost $10 total. To review our site terms of use.

I too was excited about finally finding a website for the over 50 group. I will never use a dating site again, but I guess I had to find out for myself. I would advise to stay far away from this site, and use the two main entities.

If you are a “free” member you cannot contact anyone or see a photo, not even on a trial basis to see if the site works. If you just read the fine print and this site it is written in pretty large letters. If you will read some of the other sites I checked out with complaints about this company were quite direct such as "all they are after is money" or "I'm sure the women are fakes. If you’ve got buckets of $, go for eHarm.

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It’s clear to me that there is a significant market for single guys & gals of all ages (though more so older ones, like 45-60 & more) and many such folks are disillusioned & disaffected by the likes of Our Time (the volume of negative comments is proof big time). It’s only been three days on this piece of crap and I’ve already given up. I’d highly encourage everyone to avoid this site. I’m not looking for a long term relationship so I was not really disappointed.

Even simple screening and basic policing based on complaints should be expected for the fees they charge.

My name is stephanie and I have been on and off ourtime. Neither has been posted, and REFUSE to pay $27 for “technical help” Screw ’em. Next, I went about perusing profiles of women in my area. Now I think I’m going back.

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In an unfortunate coincidence, I had checked my OT account on the exact day they automatically extended me but the fee had not yet shown in my bank balance. In order to get other members interested enough in messaging you, any user can propose up to four question ideas on their profile that should be answered by interested members when they want to send you a message if they’re curious about answering you.

At that time and they left my account in the negative.

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Once you fill out a profile, if anyone visits on any level you get an automatic email. One day I had 4 alerts on my email that someone is interested in me, so I clicked on the message and it took me into their site and showed me this beautiful lady. One of the arsons was a place were two people were inside sleeping.

One popular scam, Norton said, is that a man will pose as someone from a woman's hometown who is temporarily working on a government contract in Nigeria. One year is not my preference. OurTime Dating - #1 App for Flirting, Messaging, and Meeting Local Single Senior Men and Senior Women. Ourtime advertises as a site for people 50 yrs old and older.

When contacting them you reach "non-English speaking" English language c/s reps in the Phillipines who refuse to address any concerns and offer no assistance (I tried 3 times and hit a brick wall each time). When you first pull it up, the auto renewal is fixed to “Yes”. Whether he or she is a scammer or not. Who do they think they’re kidding?! Yes this site auto-renews you without letting you know.

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The only way to not be charged or automatically renewed is to dispute with your credit card company. The shortest non dwarf person I have ever seen. The site claims to target mature people but it is childish by design and greedy. There was no way of backing out of that page and i clicked continue, and couldn’t find a way to “delete”, so I sent them a couple of emails and called them today. Therefore, Our Time needs to prorate the days I actually used it. They NEVER ANSWER their phone or email.

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I first joined last year and was very disappointed of the results; basically lots of scammers and my profile was hacked several times. I had married guys, foreigners with the same line I believe they must have some chain letter they circulate. I have had a lot of men contacting me. I heartily endorse NOT USING OUR TIME! I reported him on our Time. I sent someone that I was interested and a flirt.

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You will be billed anyway, but at least you can print out the page showing the Attorney General that you have that option turned off.

Now is the time to share your life with someone special, and you can find that here, in a mature dating service. OMG, I was about ready to join because of the TV commercial. On all sites some lie about their age to get better matches. On chat; I kept getting ages outside of my range and distances 2000 miles away; shouldn’t you start closer and work out?. Once a match is found, the site’s compatibility button allows you to compare your lifestyle with that match’s.

They give you a phone number but NEVER answer the phone (they’re always busy with other customers — ha) and their email replay address is also a scam. They just won’t let me have access to it. They want six months worth of money out of your account and it’s either that or nothing for them. This crooked website changes its “renewel” page every couple months. This is a very basic, binary criteria. This site is the worse of all.

Processing fee) for a month at OT. REALLY, SEE FOR YOURSELF. Set up a profile, uploaded a pix and thenall I could do is click on yes, no or maybe.

For a month, your credit card will be charged for 6 months / $45. From reading the reviews on “Our Time”, I noticed that many others are having the same problem. Here are the RULE see that our time RULES. How stupid are these scumbags? However, this site randomly sends “matches” where there is no hope of compatibility.

  1. All of this has combined to totally turn me off of OurTime.
  2. Although I wasn’t looking for a “Serious Relationship” or “Marriage”, I still wanted to be treated with respect.
  3. Buried in “My account” is a box labelled “Account Status”.But I think she could have been married and her and her husband date others but that is not the sites fault nor can they stop those games.But if you want to do anything beyond looking, you must become a paying member.

    I am convinced that the Better Business Bureau logo displayed on their Membership Payment page is pirated and they have no connection with that organization. I am on a one month membership (hopefully)! I can’t believe I spent over $80 on this site. I can’t believe what a rip-off experience I am going through. I first had the first name of someone and that was it.

    I am blessed and do look a lot younger than my age – no greys, wrinkles or cellulite, and the creeps whom I encountered briefly, all requested that They come to my house after a glass of gingerale (I do not drink alcohol) and a cheap meal. I am cancelling though I can’t say this is the fault of the service I do see there being a lack of correct matching of personalities.

    Com offers to its’ paid users an instant messaging system where you can initiate a live chat with other users who you would like to get to know better on a one-to-one basis.DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY!

    The Our Time dating website is a total scam. The company has a “no refund” policy, but after several discussions and offering to file a complaint with the Texas Attorney General’s consumer fraud division the months in question refund was promised. The flagship site, was created by combining the membership of People Media's and. The largest subscription dating site for singles over 50 now has the best dating app.

    I ONLY WISH I HAD READ MORE REVIEWS BEFORE SIGNING UP! I also cancelled my subscription (with no refund of course) in advance of my termination date due to the fact OurTime will charge your credit card for additional usage, even if you have the automatic renewal feature de-activated (very shady). I am assuming this was all the doings of employees of OurTime.

    THIS SITE IS LOADED WITH SCAMMERS! Thankfully, I only signed up for one month. That evening I looked again. That is not a gender specific thing it is something all genders do. That’s life in the dating world!

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    I’ve joined most of them and I experienced most of the comments posted. Just relocated and was truly hoping this was going to be a good site I guess I should have read the reviews before I paid for the membership. Just “I like your photo,” a “flirt” kind of things. Lady and the escorts attack. Maybe need to start bumping shopping carts in stores to find a date.

    It keeps on flipping when you’re trying to cancel the transaction and it will not allow you to cancel it. It often progresses to off-site emailing and in-person meets, in which the site has no role. It wasn’t difficult to be somewhat optimistic about finding a compatible partner. It’s $13 cheaper and if you believe in Judeo-Christian values, you’ll get more profiles in line than at Our Time.

    Meetic Affinity est différent: grâce à son test de personnalité, Meetic Affinity est le qui vous présente en priorité les célibataires avec qui vous partagez des affinités. More like Sour Time, not Our Time. Most of my clients use Jdate with good results, but were looking to broaden their horizons. Most of the online dating websites are bad, this one is one of the worse.

    Some ladies who contacted me to “supposedly” chat never responded to chats requests or by messages! Some were contacting me from the other side of the country! Stick with Plenty of Fish dating website. THESE SCAMMERS GET AWAY WITH MEGA $$$$$ AND THEY WILL CONTINUE TO DO SO UNLESS THEY ARE STOPPED.

    1. And I though it was a good deal compare with the 29.
    2. And find the sources you need.
    3. And they still wont refund me the difference only been on a few days.
    4. And yes, I am one of those good looking women that gets a least 10-20 “flirts” a day which I always delete.
    5. Are they just a bunch of drunken frat boy programming students screwing around?
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      Tokens: One feature that some people use to promote themselves is to purchase a' la carte tokens which boost popularity by highlighting or featuring the member. Unfortunately after six months they are no better. Unfortunately, this is my 7th site, and most of the ones I have been on are the samebut Ourtime. Up to this point I was enjoying he company, he made me feel alive again. We finally met the second week in June and instantly liked each other.

      In the mobile app space, the iOS version holds a 3 out of 5 star rating based on 156 reviews, while the Android version, which has between 100,000 and 500,000 downloads, boasts a 3. Instead I now got a month and a half to two months at L&S and none at OT. Ironically to a degree, in wrongly being redirected to an OT upgrade page, I now notice a drop in price in membership, be it a month, three months or six months.

      • Furthermore, they are piggybacking off other dating sites for their information and profiles.
      • Ourtime in spite of the commercials with impossibly young looking “seniors” is simply a big waste of time unless you are welling to date “anyone” at all.
      • It was impossible and since Our Time is connected with SeniorpeoplemeetALL my photos and credit card information was also transferred.
      But while he said he was overseas, he began to ask for money, first he was short with cash for a return flight back to US.
      1. A few weeks before my subscription expired, I started getting tons of winks, likes, and a return of old messages I had deleted.
      2. Additionally, the online dating platform seamlessly and clearly keeps track of all your activity on the site as well as the interest others have shown in you, meaning you're never guessing if you already saw that profile and don’t waste time launching communications with those you’ve already shown interest in.
      3. After a few months, we broke up and I reactivated my account.
      4. After a while it was clear that profiles were looking the same and they were not real.
      5. After day 3 you get nothing.
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        Is it a case of looking for love in all of the wrong places, or just a few bad apples in an otherwise happy bushel? It basically seems to deactivate all other menu options so I can’t even check my account status. It generates so many out of your location you spend more time deleting them.

        We had a short lunch and he drove back. Well I have a lot of education and taught in college. What I don’t like the most about ourtime dating website is that they have a world wide known money fraud scammer’s. When I did finally meet someone I liked and we exchanged a couple messages, they shut my account down for no reason, and cannot get back in touch with her.

        I signed up to try it out and they reminded me that I agreed to the payment and initially refused a refund, but eventually did grant me one (we’ll see if it actually goes through). I signed up when you guy just started. I still planned to quit the site, but with lots of membership time left, there was no big rush to contact Ourtime about it.

        I would never, ever recommend Our Time to any of my friends, and I will actually go everywhere I can to tell people NOT to ever consider your site. Idiots the account button does not work. If I was spending as many hours in the gym and tennis court as these guys claim, when would i have time to date? If that’s to enough they ask you continually to buy tokens to promote your self more.

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