Virgo woman dating gemini man

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The Gemini man is drawn to the Virgo woman because he's intrigued by her mysterious, slightly chaste air, and her obvious ability to talk and to intellectualize. Love match compatibility between Gemini man and Virgo woman. Read about the Gemini male love relationship with Virgo female.

This way each can offer inspiration and substance to the other and thus come together in a relationship to create a complete whole. This works as an important way of holding the relationship together when differing social compulsions and material goals threaten to pull them apart. Use ur chance & drive as many hours as there is & just take an example from me. Use your smartness and tap into her wild side, buddy. Virgo wants Gemini to show up on time, and craves the familiar, having a routine.

Not that Gemini can't settle down and have a career and do wonderful things with its talent, but Gemini is always outward-seeking. Notify me of replies and new comments by email Get only replies to your comment, the best of the rest, as well as a daily recap of all comments on this post. Now, he’s too distant and quiet.

She on the other hand will bring spunk and verve into the experience, keeping it from getting monotonous which could have been highly probable had the Virgo man been paired up with another earth sign like a Capricorn woman perhaps. She’s manipulative and tries to control me. Someone pls help give me some advice.

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If they both are ready to hold on patiently, they can create a calm and effective love, to hold on for throughout their lives. If you are a and you want to have a deep, meaningful and real relationship with a Gemini man, you might want to dial back your idealism. Im gemini and i had fallen in love from last 04 years and married her(virgo woman). Im glad he found me cuz id probably still be in my emotional ways and having insecuritiesthank u matthew.

  1. Are detached and might have a visionary bent that makes them unrealistic.
  2. As mentioned above, Gemini signs are like multifaceted diamonds.
  3. At first sight there was an instant attraction.
  4. At first, their affair appears to be new and thrilling.
    • Aaah how du I start hmm well, it’s very true tht we Virgo serve all the time and nevere think of geting severed!
    • Acting aloof and somewhat interested is the key here!
    • And each stage has a beginning, middle and an end.
    • And he will grow tired of her quieter nature between the sheets.

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    There are certain triggers that happen, and you may think you’re dealing with one person and all of a sudden that person turns into somebody that is completely different. There are more differences but they’re not important here. There are so many faces to them, and they look beautiful. There is no doubt that they respect one another’s mental abilities, yet they may too often stifle open expressions of affection in each other.

    But only thing is im with my pieces and I leave and graduate form my training soon and he will no longer get to see me face to face and so im treating each day as though its my last time seeing him which is sad because I want so much more from him we talked on the phone last night and we had a amazing time its like time didnt exist omg I never thought he would take me into consideration I mean im cute but he is finnee!But there is always some form of slight tension in their relationship.

    Virgo wants to utilize its talents to make a life that counts for something. Virgo woman is beautifully responsive to the needs of her Gemini man and she takes good care of him as she so desires it as well. Virgo women and Gemini men have great conversations and she admires his quest for truth and knowledge. Virgos, on the other hand, tend to be fairly stable in terms of the fact that they tend to be quite pessimistic, negative or disappointed.

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    Virgo’s – keep your idealism in check. We are ditching our 30th year high school reunion to be together. We are very happy partners and we leaving our life joyfully and our love life is very thrilling. We are very much the ship and the anchor, I keep him from floating away he keeps me on an adventure. We have a lot of chemistry, though. Well like the article clearly states that “Gemini man, on the other hand, is not one for familiarity.

    Cause we are able to confide in eachother etc.Com is one of the leading astrology and women's lifestyle websites on the internet today.
    At the same time, the Gemini partner will energize their lovemaking with imagination and experimental pursuits.But more then that, it helps me understand him & some of the problems we have encountered.But of course Gemini man possesses a very strong intellect and pretensions in front of him usually fail.

    There may be some personality conflicts those are easily noticeable when these two Sun Signs come together as the sensible and serious Virgo always finds the Gemini unstable and funny. There was a Leo, Virgo, Pisces, Aquarius & Virgo again. This has been the BEST two weeks of my life. This may seem like a recipe for disaster but there have been any successful Virgo Gemini partners throughout history.

    • Virgo's focus brings clarity, and helps Gemini direct its mental surges.
    • We had quite some conversations while she was here & we had some sexual exprience as well, but now she’s gone & she lives far, far away.
    • But I just never gave him a chance,but finally been with him for little over a month now, but he is so different than what I’m use too.
    • Gemini and Virgo are the third and sixth signs in the zodiac cycle respectively.
    • I think she needs her ego stroke because she scared off another guy and is insecure.

    I am sorry I complete disagree tht Gemini guys are not loyal they are very committed though at times their eyes wonder (look at gals and admire) being a Virgo I too du tht! I can’t wait to see what this is going to be like! I don’t know what to say. I have a calming influence on him so he’s made it obvious he’s always needed me. I have no desire to waste my time on any man you can tell me you love Me till your blue in the face but I go by how you show it not tell it.

    Gemini – focus on your stability. Girl you just told my life story, my Gemini boy is fine too! He has not had a relationship since 09, I’m thinking that has alot to do with it. He is extremely gorgeous it’s one of those guys where you feel like you will never have a chance with them cause you think their into like super model looking chicks but he actually finds an interest in me! He would not tell me exactly what went wrong but they are divorce.

    The Gemini male is more involved in the spiritual art of lovemaking while she enjoys a sensual experience. The good news is that Gemini tends to be quite stable. The link i just read seems to describe us both perfectly. The problem is that once you make a connection, the relationship starts to develop, and it’s very hard to end a particular stage. Then he would switch and be sweet etc like nothing happened.

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    Difference being is that may gems do flirt but that’s about it where as june gems sleep around. Everything is symbolic, academic or rhetorical, to Gemini man. Gather some relating intel by checking out your. Gemini and are big thinkers and talkers, which gives them a good rapport at the outset. Gemini man gives his Virgo woman the freedom she needs to grow and always tries to be there for her when she needs him. Gemini wants to continue to play in a sense.

    Once a Gemini learns to take more responsibility in a relationship and a Virgo is able to lighten up a little, there is every possibility of their being able to complement each other in a healthy way. Seeks stability in the routine, and is often thrown off balance by too much information. She has a hard time letting me in I don’t know why she wants to get back together with me.

    She is acutely aware of sensual pleasures but keeps them well hidden behind a veil of fastidiousness unlike a Taurus woman who is more indulgent of sensual delights. She is challenging, aloof, sensual and just plain drives me crazy, I have driven for 3 Hrs just to see her.

    I have to disagree, I’m a Virgo female my husband a gregarious gemini and our relationship is easy going fluid and little work at all. I love you Jonathan and I want the world to know it! I understand that they are more distant than us, but is this one of the traits of a gemini? I wish it was this easy to make a relationship work. I would also have to say as far as the sex went– I have NEVER had as great of sex as I did with him.

    Met with the energy and vivacity of Gemini, a Virgo can find him/herself lifted to exhilarating levels, if only temporarily. Months but we met over 10 years ago and have been friends in passing for that long till now when I finally gave into his trying to see me for so long. My gemini man is extremely passionate,very intelligent,expressive and very romanticwe have our misunderstandings, the fact that we are both communicators, issues get ressolved quick and we move on fasti love it!

    When it comes to Virgo Gemini compatibility, the predominating theme is the Virgo inflexibility with Gemini instability. Whenever you’re dealing with somebody with two faces or multiple aspects, you are dealing with somebody who is flexible.

    Just be there for him, gemini’s are strong and capable of anything and so make excellent killing machines in a war, however, they sooner or later let their guard down and then all that have been through catches up with them, like when the stress is over and the physical costs hits youh three days later, well imagine what war has done to your already big hearted emotional guy, it could take a long time for him to come to terms with what he has seen and done and for him to learn how to protect u from it.

    Sumthings I feel he ignores Me n stuff lik tht bttrust Me alws when I hell at him he jus takes it does not say a word I feel I alws eat up his space and I am very dominating aaah yet with all of tis difference we hav come tis far thank god. That is the good side of the Gemini personality type. The Gemini doesn’t grow or the Virgo doesn’t grow. The Gemini is a child of Air and thus easily inspired by the prospect of exchange of ideas and information with fellow beings.

    I’m in love with a gemini and it’s be this way for the past 12 years. I’m in love with a gemini and it’s be this way for the past 12 years. I’m organised, he’s not therefore he becomes very stressed. I’m too scared ill never feel that easy about anyone else.

    Nobody likes to say this is the end. Normally, this is fine since we’re not in a relationship. Not much is held back in the relation when it comes to be a Virgo woman with such pure heart and straightforward feelings.

    I am a 40 year old virgo and my bf is a 45 year old gemini. I am a Virgo female with a Gemini partner-I can honestly say that everything I have just read is completely true. I am his complete oppositeim simple,calm, collective. I am madly in love with a Virgo woman. I am not one who is experienced to love (at least in this life, I believe I have lived before), but I strongly believe I am madly in love with a Virgo girl.

    He’s a very angry person so when he blows up its scary. He’s laid back,speaks his mind and thinks that getting along with us and everything then the good stuff like sex will follow. I am May 28 and she was Sep 13.

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    It's a meeting of minds, but they may not find a deeper reason to be together. I’ll be leaving & going back to my country soon enough and I’ll be even more far away. I’m a 34yr old virgo woman, who is now seeing a gemini man, whom I’ve actually dated when I was 17-18.

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    I’m a Virgo woman who has had a bad relationship but before I was in this relationship there was this Gemini man that would pick on me and joke at me when we worked together but I thought he was being a butt couple of months down the line after I left that job we started talking and right now I’m so drawn to him that I hope one we can be in a relationship but he’s so mysterious to me sometimessi far he is warming up to me but I’m scared sometimes because I don’t wanna be played anymore but I guess only time will tell.

    In a relationship, he makes a very easy going and loving mate who respects his as well as his partner’s freedom and is always ready. In other words, Virgo idealism can kill the relationship right away. In other words, you’re stuck at a stage, and you just can’t move on. Is this what everyone says about diffences? It could be even a new pet or whatever it is. It really will be worth it if you can give your Gemini some head space.

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